Dexibell VIVO S3 Pro Stage 73 Note Digital Piano

With Weighted Keys

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The Vivo is a Pro stage piano you may not have heard of before! Next to the big names of Nord and Roland, this Italian brand certainly holds its own, so its well worth checking out.

The Most Impressive Tone

The Vivo is designed to give you the ultimate "true to life" keyboard tones to play your gig with. Packed with a powerful Quad-core processor that can handle a total of 320 digital oscillators, the Vivo can handle the big samples, and recreate every single little detail and nuance in a patch to make it as accurate to the original as possible. In fact, Dexibell boast that the recorded waveform length of an individual sample is between 3 and 15 times higher than the equivalent keyboards currently available. Technical numbers aside, you'll love the astonishing realism and expressiveness of the keyboard, and how the sounds react to your every touch.

And a Touch to Match

There's no point having the most accurate sounding piano sound, if the keys just dont feel right!

This impressive sound library is combined with a weighted keyboard, (73, ivory feel notes for the S-3 and 88 notes for the S-7) with triple contact technology so that the instrument can pick up your every move. We've all had that moment where we're playing on an instrument with the worst action and we're constantly wrestling with the instrument to get the tone and articulation we want. The keybed on the Vivo feels great under the fingers, and the weighted feel offers the perfect resistance for playing in a variety of styles.

Here's what Dexibell say about the Vivo Stage Pianos:

T2L (True 2 Life) is a new technology specifically created and crafted for pianos which combines the following innovations developed to enhance the responsiveness and accuracy of sound timbre relative to the dynamic articulation of the pianist.

DEXIBELL exceeds the current standard of 16-bit and 44.1 KHz, the standard audio CD reproduction, with the use of higher definition, both in the “waveforms” format and also in the integrated circuit of the conversion from digital to analogue (DAC). 16-bit represents the audio in 65,356 levels, while 24-bit can represent it more widely in 16,777,216 levels, 256 times greater.

The new 24-bit technology together with the 48 KHz sample rate has significantly improved both the frequency response and the dynamic range of audio, compared to all other digital pianos.

At the heart of the DEXIBELL piano lies an incredibly powerful “Quad Core” processor capable of managing 320 digital oscillators. This huge number of oscillators allows for the simulation of all elements, sounds and noises which culminate to model the T2L sound.

The increased polyphony used in Dexibell Pianos contributes to simulate the realistic responsiveness of a real acoustic piano through virtually unlimited polyphony.

Throughout the range of DEXIBELL pianos, the recorded waveform length of each individual note is between 3 and 15 times higher than the equivalent products currently on the market.

A low note on a DEXIBELL piano has an original waveform of 15 seconds. The current average is between 1 and 5 seconds.

The result is astonishing realism and vitality of the harmonics through the evolution of the sound of the held notes.

The audio quality of the DEXIBELL is unquestionable but what is even more astonishing is the interaction the player feels with the instrument. Every subtle nuance is conveyed and channelled from the musicians fingers. Every aspect of the real sound is faithfully reproduced by layering precise and articulate resonances in order to capture every possible interaction with the wood as a living material.


  • 24 Reverbs Types
  • Digital Eq + 6 independent DSP effects
  • Passive subwoofer, far & near field speakers with over 113dB SPL (on H-7 model)
  • Digital Amp with “multi-band comp”
  • Variable psychoacoustic equalizer
  • Bass enhancer
  • Bluetooth audio streaming
  • Conform to "ErP VI" level, for the lowest “stand-by” power consumption: less than 0.2W
  • Audio quality 24 bit linear, 48 Khz (Internal processing and DSP at 32 bit floating)
  • Unlimited Polyphony 320 oscillators
  • XXL samples Holophonic waves up to 15 seconds on lower Piano notes
  • Wireless connectivity Bluetooth
  • Display 128 x 64 High Contrast Organic LED
  • EFX 24 Reverb, 12 Effects, EQ
  • Player/Recorder WAV 48KHz, 32bit floating
  • USB to Host (MIDI), to Device (Memory
  • Parts 3 (Main, Layer, Split)
  • iOS App compatible with VIVO Editor and XMURE (available on Apple Store)
  • New Sounds Freely downloadable from Dexibell website - Compatible with Soundfont SF2 sound format
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