G&L JB & JB-2 Basses

From their names, you can probably assume which famous design these particular G&L models are based off. However, the G&L JB & JB-2 basses have a few modern tweaks that give them an edge over similar instruments.

G&L JB & JB-2 Basses

G&L Tribute JB & JB-2 Basses

The G&L JB bass model has a traditional look and feel, whereas the JB-2 keeps the essentials in place but boasts a more contemporary body shape. This means that both old-school and modern players can enjoy a G&L JB series bass that fits their specific style.


Both the G&L JB and JB-2 models come with either Basswood or Swamp Ash bodies. G&L has employed these tonewoods because of their light weights and broad frequency responses, projecting thick and bellowing sounds.

With Hard Rock Maple necks, these basses emit a vibrant top-end snap, which have been adorned with sleek-feeling Brazilian Cherry fingerboards. Shaped to a Medium C profile, their necks strike the perfect balance between old and new when it comes to playability. Having said that, the flatter 12” fingerboard radius’ on the G&L JB-2 bass will appeal more strongly to modern bassists.

Electronics & Hardware

With both JB models coming fitted with dual Paul Cagon-designed Alnico single-coils, these basses project that legendary early ‘60’s J-Bass sound. Providing plenty of punch even when playing finger-style, you’ll have no trouble powering through a mix.

Like the majority of basses in G&L’s range, the JB instruments are also fitted with the company’s comfy ‘Saddle-Lock’ bridge. Keeping the strings at an equal distance, this high-mass design also enhances sustain, by picking up the string vibrations more efficiently.