NAMM 2019 - New Ibanez Guitars

Ibanez has dropped its 2019 instrument range, and as always, we’re treated to a stunning line-up of electrics guitars, basses and acoustics.

Equipped with the very latest in modern hardware and built with outstanding precision, let's take a closer look at the new range!

NAMM 2019 Andertons Music Co.

Ibanez 2019: Additions & Updates

We’re delighted to present Ibanez's latest offerings, ready to rock the world of guitars over the next year. You’ll see some familiar favourites return with new finishes, woods and hardware, as well as a few freshly-designed axes too.

The brand new Axion Label series delivers everything progressive metal players would want from a guitar. Five-piece necks, designer pickups, 'Luminlays', and a choice of extended range and multi-scale beasts. And of course, they feature some of the most striking woods you will ever see!

All of these instruments showcased at NAMM 2019 are available for order from Andertons Music Co. right now!

Ibanez at NAMM 2019 on Andertons T.V.

Ibanez’s flagship model, the RG, stands the test of time as one of the most iconic rock guitars ever. Available in six, seven, eight and even nine string variants, players of even the most extreme disciplines can find a suitable RG to meet their demands.

This year, it’s all about pushing boundaries. You’re spoilt for choice as Ibanez has introduced a mix of DiMarzio Fusion, Tone Zone, Air Norton and Fishman Fluence pickup options to provide exquisite tonal variety.

The RG5000 series makes its debut, encompassing high-end modern powerhouses. These shred machines house Bare Knuckle Brute Force pickups with coil-tapping, feature Luminlay side dots and are crafted from stunning exotic woods. Ibanez has clearly set out to cater to prog metal fans with style.

There’s also a little throwback to retro Ibanez designs with the RG550; part of the Genesis Collection. All RG guitars are fitted with the ultra-thin Super Wizard neck, allowing you to shred to your heart’s content like a true ‘80s virtuoso.

Ibanez RG5000 Guitars Official Demo

Are you on the lookout for a tight-sounding metal guitar? Built to withstand serious playing punishment, the RGA and RGD ranges return with sleek ergonomic cutaways and carvings.

Both line-ups cover every spec base, with Bare Knuckle Aftermath pickups, Gotoh locking tuners, Schaller strap locks and the undeniably smooth Sub Zero treated frets.

Finished with glow-in-dark headstock logos – because that’s the first thing on all of our wish lists! All you have to do is decide which design you like best.

Lights, Camera, Axion! - Brand New Ibanez Guitars for 2019!

The Ibanez signature roster is already a grand list to behold. But we have two more guitars to add: the PGMM21, a Paul Gilbert design, and the Jake Bowen JBM10FX.

Paul Gilbert is universally acclaimed for his shredding ability. The PGMM21 offers the same outstanding specs he’s used for decades, but on a smaller 22.2” scale length. You get the classic streamline F holes, single volume control and elegant reversed headstock.

Meanwhile, Periphery guitarist Jake Bowen’s JBM10FX delivers the crushing modern tones he needs for aggressive palm-muting and complex chords extensions.

The major change to this new model is the fixed Gibraltar Standard II bridge. He’s also worked with DiMarzio to create the Titan pickups, tight in the low-end and punchy as hell!

Ibanez remain at the forefront of semi-hollow and hollow-body guitars. The Artcore range combines experienced luthiery with a host of premium construction choices resulting in a warm tone and daring design. 

The dynamic Classic Elite humbuckers are at your disposal to create sweet jazz tone. You have the choice of a classic Bigsby tremolo and well-crafted roller saddles or nostalgic-looking tailpiece.

Ibanez Artcore Vibrante Guitars Official Demo

The most recognisable Ibanez bass shape is back, and better than ever before. The SR series has been expanded to suit everyone from complete novices to pro musicians.

Whatever model you get, it’ll be built as ergonomically as possible and contain an Ibanez custom electronics preamp - so you can shape your bass tone to perfection.

SR300 basses use PowerSpan Dual Coil pickups with exposed stainless pole pieces. These provide extreme clarity and powerful, high output. The SR600 utilises a P/J pickup configuration for an immensely versatile setup, making it adaptable for a multitude of styles.

Ibanez SR500 Basses Official Demo

The AFR is a groundbreaking, high-end bass. The elegant body is modelled after the Ibanez Affirma concept from the early ‘90s.

Its exotic Maple/Walnut tonewoods, solid Ebony fretboard and half neck-through construction is unique to the AFR. And of course, they all undergo Ibanez's Premium Fret Edge treatment for first class playability.

This year is the 20th anniversary of the BTB, so Ibanez kitted it out with the very best specs they could muster. Neck-through-body, Flamed Maple top, Panga Panga fretboard – select grade woods.

A combination of stainless steel frets, a three-band preamp and Nordstrand pickups are just some of the features that make this the strongest BTB line-up ever.

Ibanez are cemented players on the acoustic guitar scene, thanks to their luxurious torrefaction technique – a process that drains tonewoods of excess moisture and resin. This means that their guitars sound clear, direct and responsive.

The latest in the acoustic range includes the Artwood series; two full body and two cutaway dreadnoughts that have been put through their patented Thermo Ageing. An embodiment of Ibanez’s modern approach to tradition.

If you’re after something more contemporary, take a look at the AEW series. These flashy acoustics have Flamed Maple tops, thin bodies, Fishman preamps and huge cutaways so that you can reach right up the neck.

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