Christmas Gift Guide For Electric Guitarists

It's that time of year again. You've been tasked with buying a gift for the six-string enthusiast in your life - but where do you start?

Fear not! We've written this handy guide on the most popular gifts for electric guitarists - you simply can't go wrong with these picks!

Buying Gifts for Guitarists

Buying gifts can be tricky at the best of times. As guitarists ourselves, we're well aware that we make life a little bit harder for our loved ones when it comes to presents. We're quite a picky bunch!

That's why we figured it's only fair to help out in some way. Think of this as a sort of personalised wishlist for guitarists - by guitarists! Read on for our top gift tips...

Loved one picky with presents? A voucher covers it all

Finding the right gift can be extremely difficult, especially when you are buying for someone as passionate about their hobby as a guitar player. We also know that what a musician really wants may be out of the realms of what you want to pay.

That's why we love recommending our Gift Vouchers as Christmas presents. It allows you to spend however much you like, and they can choose what they want at a later date or put it towards their next big purchase. Simple!

Our gift vouchers are sent digitally and they're printer-friendly, so you have something nice to present on Christmas day. They are available in a wide range of values from £10 to £500 - plus they're redeemable both online and in-store!

Why Every Guitarist Needs Spare Strings

Guitarists will NEVER have enough guitar strings. Some people think you only change your guitar strings when one breaks, when in actual fact, pro guitarists will change their strings every week! It’s a tonal thing. New strings sound sweeter, stay in tune better, and simply bring your guitar to life.

The only thing you may need to get right, though, is the string gauge and type. Every guitar is specifically set up for a certain gauge of string (the thickness), and if this is changed without a proper setup then it can affect the neck of the guitar. Not to worry though - most guitars come with 9-42 or 10-46 strings. Also, make sure you get electric strings if they have an electric guitar and acoustic strings if they favour acoustic.

Guitarists generally have a favourite brand and gauge, so you may need to sneakily find this information from the person you’re buying a gift for!

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Why Every Guitarist Needs a Tuner

Every guitarist needs a tuner, no matter the level of experience. Even seasoned guitarists adjust their guitar's pitch to a good tuner between every take when recording in the studio - to make sure everything is bang on! And if it’s good enough for the pros, then it’s good enough for the rest of us!

Tuners come in a few different guises. You could have a desktop one, a portable plug-in version, or a clip-on tuner that neatly attaches to your guitar. The best gift for an experienced guitarist is a pedal tuner, particularly a mini-sized one that'll fit on the tightest of pedalboards. Tuners don’t get much more advanced than those in pedal form (without costing silly money!), so any knowledgable guitarist will appreciate the fast and efficient tuning on a tiny pedal!

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How Does a Mobile Interface Work?

What would a list of best gifts be without some sort of gadget? A guitar interface can turn your iOS device into an amp simulator that lets you practise anywhere you go! Load up your favourite app and start jamming with a wide range of different amps, or start recording your EP. The perfect gift for a guitarist gadget lover with an iPhone or iPad!

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Guitar Straps: The Unsung Heroes

A strap is an essential piece of gear for any guitarist, but many settle for cheaper nylon straps. We can guarantee that no guitarist is going to be disappointed receiving a good quality leather or neoprene strap as a gift. Leather straps look fantastic, are hard-wearing and even look better the older they get. Neoprene straps, on the other hand, are stretchy and allows for better weight distribution. For the ultimate luxury, look out for straps that also include memory foam.

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Reliability is Everything!

A cable should be for life, not just for [insert occasion here]! Well, the great news is that many of our popular cable brands offer a lifetime warranty! This means top-quality sound, durable materials, and simple ease-of-use! Just keep hold of the packaging and if it ever fails.

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Why Every Guitarist Needs a Cleaning Kit

What do you get the guitarist that already has their pride and joy instrument? How about a professional cleaning kit to keep it in showroom condition? The Dunlop kits have absolutely everything necessary, from body polish to fretboard lubricant and a cloth so they can use it right away!

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