Christmas Gift Guide
for Electric Guitarists

Christmas is a funny time for guitarists. It's an occasion to expect a raft of novelty items that will be fun for 5 minutes and then forgotten about.

But here at Andertons Music Co. we've compiled a range of products that we think will make a difference during the festive season!

The Guitarist Gift Guide

It's that time of year folks! Christmas is upon us and closing in with great speed, but there's no need to panic about getting last-minute gifts for the guitar player in your life. That's because here at Andertons Music Co. we've got you covered!

In this buying guide we give you all the best guitar-related recommendations this Christmas. From simple stocking filler accessories to all-encompassing starter packs, we do all the thinking for you so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the festivities.

Gift Vouchers!

Finding the right gift can be extremely difficult, especially when you're buying for someone as passionate about their hobby as a musician. We also know that what a musician really wants may be out of the realms of what you want to pay.

That is why we love recommending our Gift Vouchers for Christmas presents. It allows you to spend however much you want, and they can choose what they want at a later date or put it towards their next big purchase.

Our gift vouchers are sent digitally and are printer friendly, so you have something nice to present on Christmas day. They are available in a wide range of values, from £10 to £500, and are redeemable both online and in-store!

Electric Guitar Starter Packs

Here at Andertons Music Co. we have a great selection of electric guitar starter packs that are perfect for aspiring learners! From established brands such as Squier and Epiphone, you can feel assured that you are buying a great-quality instrument that will serve as an inspiring first guitar for your child, loved one or even yourself!

All of these starter packs feature the essential ingredients to get started. This includes the guitar itself, an amplifier, cable, and more high-end packs also including a tuner, gigbag and other accessories! From basic instruments to more extreme-style guitars, we're sure you'll find something perfectly suitable!

EastCoast produce some of the best low-cost guitars we've ever come across, especially when compared to other instruments in the same price bracket. Built in an East Asian factory, these instruments are constructed using locally-sourced woods and high-quality electronics. This ensures excellent reliability and a great sound!

If that doesn't sound like enough, our guitar techs have QC'd and even set each instrument up to play as good as they look, free of charge. This means that any EastCoast guitar bought from Andertons Music Co. will play beautifully out of the box!

With plenty of models available, these starter pack bundles include everything you need to begin your musical journey. Coming with a powerful little amp, plectrums, a gigbag, cable and tuner, these all-encompassing packages really are fantastic.

Squier are the most renowned brand associated with starter guitars, with many famous players saying that their first guitar was a Squier. As the budget brand of the guitar powerhouse Fender, their affordability isn't a sign of "bad" by any means. That's because all of Fender's expertise has been put into the design of Squier instruments, so with a Squier you really can't go wrong!

The Affinity series Strats offer all of the style and versatility of their high-end counterparts. With a solid construction, 3 pickups and a selection of tone-shaping controls, these guitars will provide plenty of sounds to suit many genres of music. A contoured body with a smooth-feeling neck gives a comfortable playing experience, ideal for beginners. In terms of features, the short-scale Squier Stratocasters are similar, however with a shorter neck length they are far more suited for young beginners with smaller hands.

Including super-portable Squier Frontman amps, these are great companions for jamming thanks to their aux inputs that allow you play along with your favorite songs or backing tracks. Headphone jacks also allow for silent practice too! Other accessories include a strap, picks and a cable - so you'll have everything you need!

Epiphone are the equivalent of the Squier brand, owned by the other most-famous guitar brand in the world - Gibson. Manufacturing more-affordable versions of Gibson's iconic guitar shapes and designs, Epiphone produce starter guitars that are also great options for beginners just starting their musical journey.

The Les Paul SL bundle starter pack is incredibly affordable, consisting of the guitar, a punchy-sounding Marshall MC10CF, an Andertons gig bag and cable as well as a high-quality Stagg clip-on tuner. The Les Paul Player Pack features an Epiphone Les Paul Special guitar, with two humbucking pickups. With these electronics, it will sound thick and bold, great for rock and even metal! The included Electar 10 amp also has 2 channels for a variety of sounds, and 3 simple controls let you control your tone easily. Accessories are included, as well as an Epiphone-branded gig bag.

Epiphone Les Paul SL Guitars on Andertons T.V.

Choosing the perfect gift!

In this section of our guide, we've broken down 3 price categories to suit your budgets the best! Whether that be some sweet little stocking fillers, a great effects pedal or two, and maybe even a full electric guitar, you'll find these and more in this next segment.

The 3 categories are 'under £10', 'under £50' and 'under £100'. Everything from straps, strings, cases and more - everything is covered below!

Gifts for Under £10

For less than £10 you can get some excellent stocking fillers for the guitar player in your life. Including replacement straps, guitar strings (can't ever have enough!), packs of plectrums and other accessories such as pick holders and slides, we're sure you'll find the ideal little gift!

Gifts for Under £50

If your budget extends to £50, then there are some really amazing gifts you can wrap up for a rocking Christmas this year! You can get some even fancier straps, better-sounding strings with improved longevity and even some effects pedals!

Tone City, Mooer, Landlord and even Electro Harmonix for example make some amazing affordable pedals that can really enhance tones and expand a guitar player's palette of sounds. For under £50 you can also get your hands on some really ergonomic clip-on tuners, and even more!

Gifts for Under £100

Guitars and musical equipment in general might be expensive, but you'd be surprised by what you can get for around and just under £100!

For example, you can get a full-sized electric guitar within this budget, as well as a better selection of pedals and even some great-sounding practice amps. A robust hard case can also be a great gift, protecting an instrument much better than a soft case.

The Andertons Music Co. Wish List!

We now have a feature on our website that allows you to add your favourite items to a Wish List! You can then email this wishlist to a person of your choosing - so if you're struggling to get ideas out of someone, get them to fill out their Wish List for you!

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