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SolidGoldFX Limited Edition Surf Rider III Spring Reverb Pedal in Pink

The Acclaimed Surf Rider III in a Limited Pink Sparkle Finish!

Written by

Elliot Stent

The SolidGoldFX Surf Rider III is regarded as one of the most convincing-sounding spring reverb pedals on the market. Described as "the reverb sound that Fender’s engineers would have put into their Deluxes and Vibroverbs if they had access to today’s technology", SolidGoldFX's finest ambient stompbox gives you that familiar 'Level' control but then adds a plethora of additional options — including a boost function and some nifty resonance features that add some juice to the tank (without the springs!).

SolidGoldFX Surf Rider III Reverb - Living Room Gear Demos

Dive into the Depths Below...

Versatility is the name of the Surf Rider’s game. Its 'Level' control allows you to adjust the amount of reverb in the signal, while the pedal's 'Depth' knob affects the intensity of the reverberations — for huge reflections that will fill the room like a crushing wave! The expression jack on the side of the unit overrides this feature too, if you want on-the-fly control.

Change the Virtual Reverb Tank Size!

The 'Decay' dial increases the size of the virtual reverb tank, opening up the pedal and giving you 'verb tones that seemingly go on forever! Speaking of tones, there’s a handy 'Tone' knob that brightens or darkens the reverb signal — taming harsh single-coils or brightening up dark-sounding humbuckers.

Handy Resonance Switch

A thoughtfully-added 'Resonance' switch unlocks the “drippiness” of the reverb tank, giving you a lot (upper position), a little (lower position) or none at all (centre). Crack open the Surf Rider III to access a trimpot, which lets you set the lower level for just the right amount of splash.

A Reverb Pedal with a Boost? Why Not!

The Surf Rider III's 'Boost' section lets you increase or cut the reverb level. With the LED on, the pedal is in 'Hi' mode, and off is 'Lo' mode. There’s another internal trimmer that lets you dial-in the 'Lo' mode, making the unit very flexible overall. Surf’s up!


  • Tone: This knob lightens or darkens the frequency of the reverb signal only, from dark and moody to bright and biting.
  • Decay: Turning the Decay control up increases the decay time of the reverb signal, giving you access to huge, surf-inspired ‘verbs that linger seemingly forever.
  • Depth: Increases the size of the virtual spring tank and the intensity of the signal. When connecting an expression pedal, you can control this knob hands-free.
  • Level: Controls the volume of the reverb (wet) signal.
  • Res: This is a three-position switch that alters the resonance of the tank. The upper position adds a high amount of resonance, while the lower position adds an amount that you set via internal trimpot (see “Under the hood” below). In the center position, the toggle adds no resonance.
  • Res (trimpot): This trimpot allows you to adjust the amount of resonance in the reverb signal while in the “Lo” (bottom) position of the Res toggle.
  • Boost (trimpot): When the Boost is in the off position (LED off), a portion of the reverb level is reduced. This trimpot lets you adjust how much is reduced to fine-tune the reverb signal.
  • Expression jack: Connecting an expression pedal here gives you hands-free control over the Depth knob.
  • Boost footswitch: With the LED on, the Surf Rider III is in “Hi” mode, boosting the reverb signal. With the LED off, the Surf Rider III is in “Lo” mode, and a bit of the reverb level is reduced. You can adjust how much with the Boost trimpot (see above in “Under the hood”).


  • True Bypass: Yes
  • Power: 9V DC
  • Current Draw: 53mA
  • Dimensions: 4.67" x 3.68" x 1.18" (119mm x 94mm x 30mm)
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