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Electro Harmonix Tube Zipper Filter Pedal


Unzip your soul - Just picture your guitar signal being massaged by a complex set of filters moving through a vacuum tube maze. Energized by two 12AX7EH tubes, the Tube Zipper's patented moving filter gang tastefully adds controlled analog harmonics to your signal.

The Tube Zipper is two effects in one, a warm sounding Tube Envelope Follower and a rich tube Distortion unit. When these two effects are combined into the same circuit the outcome are entirely unique new wild effects. 

In typical EH fashion, each control can be set over the edge, generating a host of novel tones. Add some Tron or Trill a la mode! "It's the most flexible little box yet." - Adrian Belew


ENV Switch (UP/DOWN) - Selects the direction of the filter sweep.

MODE Switch (TRON/TRILL) - In TRON MODE, the filter sweeps smoothly and follows the envelope of the input signal. In TRILL MODE, a modulation is added to the envelope so that as the filter sweeps, it sounds like the note is being trilled. WARNING: If the INPUT GAIN knob and SENSITIVITY knob are both turned up when switching from TRON to TRILL MODE it is possible that the unit will go into oscillation, this can be avoided by turning down the SENSITIVITY or INPUT GAIN knobs before flipping the MODE switch.

INPUT GAIN Knob - Boost the input signal before the filter. When the INPUT GAIN is turned up, it will yield tube distortion.

DRIVE Knob - Adjusts the amount of distortion after the filter. As you turn the DRIVE knob up, past 12 o’clock, the overall volume of the pedal will begin to decrease. Simply turn the MASTER VOLUME up to compensate.

SENSITIVITY Knob - Determines how sensitive the filter sweep is to your playing. Use this knob to adjust how far up or down the filter will sweep when you play.

FREQUENCY Knob - Sets the peak frequency of the filter when the envelope is not active. When the envelope is active, the FREQUENCY knob determines both the start and stop frequency of the filter sweep.

RESONANCE Knob - Determines the RESONANCE or Q of the filter. As you turn the RESONANCE clockwise the filter will become increasingly sharper. When the RESONANCE knob is turned up all the way the TUBE ZIPPER may begin to self-oscillate. If you find the oscillation undesirable simply turn the RESONANCE knob down.

MASTER VOLUME Knob - Controls output volume.

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