Gibson SG Special Faded HiPerf 2016 in Worn Brown


The original Gibson SG Standard was already a pretty simple guitar. When you start stripping it back however you realise that a real raw and powerful sound sits underneath which is found in the 2016 Gibson SG Special Faded High Performance. Thanks to these small tweaks not only can you get an iconic SG look and feel for not much money but you also get a raw and powerful tone that is really helped along by the satin finish. Top this off with a few modern upgrades liek the tuner system and you have a great all rounder

Same Classic Build
Even though this model is such great value for money Gibson have still not cut back any costs on the way this guitar is made. It still features the same thin mahogany body and neck as well as the rosewood fretboard that has been on this guitar since 1961. These woods help keep this guitar sounding thick and full even though the body is much thinner than an equivalent Les Paul.

One of the biggest changes with this model over other SGs is the use of a worn satin finish to not only give the guitar a slightly rough and worn look but also give it an interesting feel up the neck which is less likely to stick to your hand if you are a player who sweats a lot a good satin finish like this is worth considering

Vintage Style Pickups
While a lot of Gibson's pickups are hotter versions of the pickups from years ago these are actually much closer to the original. The tone and output level are very much similar to what you would have found on an early 60's SG. These do have a couple of small tweaks however that opens this guitar up to more modern players.

To start off the windings on the pickup allow for it to have a bit more bite when compared to a traditional PAF humbucker meaning that you get a faster attack which is suited to harder rock styles. This does not mean it can't get that vintage smooth sound however. Just dial back a bit on the volume control and the entire sound smooths out to offer classic vintage vibes.

Professional Set Up
As part of the 2016 line this guitar has received a premium set up even before it has gone through our QC checks. This means that you can take this guitar out of the box on day one, go straight to your gig and rock up without any issues with the guitar at all.

No longer do you need to wait for a few days while you get your guitar. We all know that you want to get using a new guitar as soon as possible so Gibson have made sure you can do just that.

Next Generation G-Force

G-Force is an incredibly interesting technology that simply wants to save you time. We have all played gigs where your guitar goes out of tune halfway through. Just like we have all played gigs where we need to quickly change between tunings.

Gibson's G-Force system makes those previous tasks a second thought. Just set it up with the tunings you want. Select what you want using the unit on the back of the headstock and you are in tune within seconds.

And don't worry just because it has the ability to tune itself does not mean that you can't tune manually. The machine heads are actually very accurate 40:1 ratio tuners so you can get pitch perfect in no time at all.

New Titanium Nut

The 2015 version of the Zero Fret Nut was made out of brass. Unfortunately that meant is was very soft for a nut and could be damaged from heavier gauge strings. To make sure this does not happen again Gibson have changed the brass for much stronger Titanium.

If you don't know what the Zero Fret Nut is let me fill you in. It is a Gibson USA exclusive nut that has two main benefits over a standard nut. Firstly you can adjust the action at the nut very easily now making setting up quick and easy no matter how high or low you like your action.

Secondly this nut has essentially a fret at the end of it (hence the name, Zero Fret). By having a fret in the zero position your strings in open positions ring out like fretted notes. This sounds amazing with open chords as you get a much more even tone across all of your strings.

Sweet Smooth Neck

One thing that we have heard a few times before about Gibson guitars is that the neck heel can get in the way. They originally remedied this with their Custom Shop Axcess model that had a smoothed transition. This meant greater access to the higher frets so lead players can dig in and let loose.

The neck on all of the 2016 USA models is based off of this Custom Shop model offering the same incredible feel that previously was only available on some of Gibson's most expensive guitars.

But they did not end it there with the neck. No this guitars neck width is slightly wider than you might be used to compared to other Gibson guitars. By increasing the nut width by just 0.05"and keeping string spacing the same you get more area to play with.

Here's what Gibson say about the SG Special Faded

The SG Faded 2016 HP is the supercharged counterpart of the traditional SG Faded. It boasts an extraordinary set of premium, high-performance features while maintaining the rugged looks that are the Faded series' signature.


  • Tuners:  Next-Generation Gibson G FORCE™
  • Neck width:  Soloist neck width
  • Nut:  Titanium adjustable zero-fret nut
  • Body:  Solid mahogany body
  • Carrying case:  HP Case
  • Inlays:  Mother of pearl inlays
  • Pickups:  490R and 490T humbuckers
  • Fingerboard:  Thicker one-piece rosewood fingerboard
  • Setup:  Comprehensive hand-finished setup
  • Finish:  Worn satin nitro finish
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