Solid State & Digital Combos

We stock a large assortment of Solid State and Digital Combo amps for the electric guitar here at Andertons Music Co.

Solid State & Digital Combos

Combo amps refer to amplifiers that have both a speaker cabinet and the amplifier section built into the same unit.

Solid State Amps

Solid State amps use a very similar circuit board to valve amps but instead of using vacuum tubes, they’ll use transistors and diodes etc. to amplify the signal. The difference is quite noticeable and solid state amps have a completely different feel to a tube amp and have been used throughout the years on countless records

Digital Amps

Digital amps refer to amps that use digital modelling to create their tones. These are incredibly versatile and very popular in the modern age. And with advancements in technology they sound and feel more like a tube amp every time a new one is released. 

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Check out our selection of Solid State & Digital Combos below, including Blackstar, Orange and Boss, among others! You can also take advantage of our interest-free finance packages and free next day delivery in the UK on orders over £99!