Gibson 2019 Montana Acoustic Guitars

While Gibson are known the world over for their iconic electric guitars, their acoustics have undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the music world. For 2019, they've gone all-out with variety while staying true to the iconic design that gave them their reputation!


Gibson’s acoustic range takes its name from their manufacturing facility in Bozeman, Montana. These incredible handmade instruments offer distinct, timeless tones with instantly recognisable aesthetics to match. For the 2019 range, Gibson have stayed close to their winning formula with the Montana models; minor tweaks for modern players without compromising what makes them classics. A Gibson Montana guitar is for life, and Gibson intend to keep it that way!

Gibson 2019 Acoustics – What’s New?

For 2019, Gibson have expanded the reach of their Montana range. While configuration tweaks focus on the subtle details, the guitars themselves have stuck to a familiar design – but there’s plenty more variety to choose from! So what is the difference between Gibson’s 2018 & 2019 acoustics? Here are some highlights:

  • Variety of Woods – many of Gibson’s acoustics have relied on familiar tonewood combinations over the years. For 2019, they’ve pushed the boat out, offering Mahogany, Walnut and Rosewood variations on a number of models. Not only does this provide some alternative looks – it makes for a fresh tonal palette too.
  • Rosewood & Richlite Fretboards – one of the most notable changes in the 2019 range is the materials used for fretboards. As with their new solid-body and semi-hollow offerings, many of the Montana models feature Rosewood fretboards again. In total contrast, Richlite seems to be making a few more appearances. This divisive material is tonally neutral, but is extremely consistent and durable, so you don’t need to worry about imperfections or ageing.
  • Bridge Designs – apart from a few exceptions, Gibson seem to have opted for their traditional belly-up bridge design for the 2019 releases. In keeping with the fretboard changes, the vast majority of these new bridges are made of either Rosewood or Richlite, depending on the model.
  • Winning Formula – last year’s range (Gibson 2018) saw the company take a different direction in a number of ways. They introduced the AG (Avant-Garde) range as a replacement for the HP (High Performance) guitars, with tweaked materials and optimised designs. This year, they’ve kept it stripped back, emphasising the things that worked and adjusting the things that didn’t. The return of Rosewood will be a popular move, but the fact that they’ve kept it simple with the classic designs (like the SJ-200 and J-45) shows that they know their market.
  • Left-handed versions – Gibson have always catered for the left-handed market. From what we can see for 2019 so far, it seems as though they intend to keep this up. Almost all of the project 2019 Montana acoustics have left handed options available for order!
  • Chroma - maple backs, sides and necks, with Richlite fretboards, LR Baggs electronics and vibrant finishes. This represents a break from tradition for Gibson, but results in some pretty jaw-dropping instruments!
  • Sustainable - these variants on three key models (Hummingbird, J-45 & L-00) use Richlite and Walnut sparingly to preserve signature Montana tone and playability while reducing the toll on the environment. Sustainability is a big topic in the instrument world, so Gibson have wisely taken steps to play their part in sustainability.
  • Humbucker AG - these J-45 models are pretty much exactly how they sound. Take a J-45 and add AG specs, and whack a humbucker next to the neck joint. This is arguably one of the boldest models in their entire 2019 range, but how does it sound? Only time will tell!

Gibson 2019 Acoustics – The Full Range

We’ve taken a look at the highlighted models – the essentials, the bold moves, the fresh takes – now let’s look at the full range. There’s plenty of variety on offer, so you’re bound to find something you like!

Vibrant aesthetics and a bold dreadnought shape make the Hummingbird an essential, unmistakable instrument. Warm, full-bodied tone that lends itself well to hard-hitters of all musical styles, the 2019 range sees the perfect balance between old and new.
One of Gibson’s earliest flat-top guitars, the SJ-200 is just as unmistakable as the Hummingbird. Its bold curves and often contrasting burst finish are just as well-known as its booming tone and sparkling top-end. This is one of the few models that doesn’t have an Avant-Garde variety – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right?
Arguably Gibson’s most popular acoustic of all time. Subtle aesthetics but undeniably sleek, it offers a brilliantly accessible dreadnought playability and sound, suitable for pretty much any musical context it’s placed in. Gibson have explored a number of new iterations of this classic design for 2019, including plenty of AG variants – everyone wants a slice of the J-45 pie.
One of the oldest acoustic designs in the business, this exemplary instrument set the bar for the modern flat-top acoustic. As with the SJ-200, the L-00 doesn’t have any AG variations this year – but that hasn’t stopped Gibson from making a few tweaks. Alternative materials and finishes offer a combination of fresh tones and standout aesthetics.
Introduced in recent years to cater for contemporary players who prefer compact acoustics, the Parlor is hailed as the next generation of Gibson acoustic design. Its thin, lightweight body consists of a number of tonewood choices for 2019, alongside features like Richlite fretboards, Advanced Response necks and subtle finishes.
The Songwriter is by nature a hybrid instrument. Taking the best bits of the Hummingbird, J-45 and SJ-200, Gibson have moulded a streamlined songwriting tool for the modern player, featuring classy retro design appointments and a comfy body shape. The 2019 range sees a selection of new varieties, including 12-string models, cutaway options and alternative finishes.

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