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The Gibson 2019 USA Range

Gibson’s USA range usually takes the headlines, but some gorgeous new offerings have been added to the company’s hollow/semi-hollow and acoustic lines too. To see what’s new, make sure that you click on the Memphis and Montana buttons above respectively.

Back to the core range, as a whole the USA lineup has been streamlined for 2019. With many of the models from 2018 remaining, you may be thinking that the new catalogue is a little too familiar. However, there’s a good reason for that.

By making thoughtful refinements to many of their popular models, Gibson has ensured that their 2019 instruments offer unparalleled levels of playability. Projecting that signature Gibson sound with a stronger voice than ever before, we think that the 2019 range is a winner.

A Mix of Old & New

In a way, Gibson has revisited its roots and built upon the foundations of what made the brand so successful in the first place. That’s why a lot of Gibson 2019 instruments convey a pure old-school vibe, with the brand dipping back into their older blueprints and combining vintage charm with modern enhancements.

Without alienating today’s players, however, Gibson’s High Performance (HP) line remains. Boasting high-output pickups and lightweight constructions, the Les Paul and SG HP models are aimed at contemporary guitarists looking for instruments without limits.

It’s therefore clear that Gibson has catered for these audiences, offering the best of both worlds. It also proves that despite releasing less models than in previous years, there’s still great diversity within the new Gibson 2019 range. Let’s take a look at some notable new features…

What’s new for 2019?

As we just hinted at, for the most part Gibson has chosen to refine the smaller details of their renowned models, instead of bringing out something outlandish or controversial.

A Potent Punk-Rock Powerhouse - The Les Paul Junior Tribute DC

We think that one of the coolest models from the 2019 catalogue is the Les Paul Junior Tribute DC. This affordable little beast screams punk-rock, with its punchy P90 bridge pickup and worn finish options.

The Les Paul Junior Tribute DC is the perfect blend of beauty and simplicity, with its elegant doublecut body and no-frills electronics. If you’re looking for a pure rock and roll machine, this model will serve you well.

Mesmerising Colour Options

For a start, ‘Blueberry Burst’ is back! This glorious finish was first seen in 2017, mixing bright purple with a deep, watery blue. Not used for the following year, after a sabbatical this eye-catching burst has reappeared for 2019. Applied to the Les Paul and SG HP guitars (labelled ‘Blueberry Fade’), this finish is also available for the flagship Les Paul Standard.

Speaking of the Les Paul Standard, some other legendary finishes have also been resurrected for 2019. These include ‘Seafoam Green’ and ‘Trans Amber’; classy yet understated colours that really allow the Flamed Maple tops to shine. The Les Paul Traditional also comes in some alternate finishes, such as ‘Cherry Red Translucent’ and ‘Manhattan Midnight’.

There are, of course, plenty of other adjustments that Gibson have made for 2019. Later in the article we take a closer look at each of the new 2019 USA models, breaking them down one-by-one and highlighting their features.

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Below, you’ll discover why the service that we offer puts us one step ahead of the others…

In-house Quality Control

Gibson does a fine job at setting up their guitars from their Nashville factory. However, unavoidably these instruments are transported for thousands of miles in containers and vehicles, in order to reach retailers. This means that the varying conditions and climates that they endure can undo this hard work, affecting their neck woods and action/intonation.

That is why we QC every single US-made Gibson before it reaches your hands. By undergoing this methodical and attentive process, no 2019 Gibson will get to you unless it is perfectly setup and free of flaws.

Pick your favourite!

Most high-end guitars in stock at Andertons Music Co. are individually photographed in-house and made displayable on our website. This includes the majority of Gibson USA 2019 guitars over £1500.

We do this to not only give you a first-hand look at your next potential purchase, but to also let you compare different tops and wood grains. You can therefore identify and pick your favourite, in just a few clicks!

0% Interest-Free Finance Options

A Gibson guitar can be a big investment, and the prospect of dropping several hundreds or thousands of pounds in one go can be quite daunting. But don’t fret, as at Andertons Music Co. we offer multiple finance options to you, so that you can spread the cost of your Gibson over several months!

With 9 months 0% finance available on all Gibson USA 2019 instruments, you can even get up to 24 and 36 months 0% finance on some of the pricier models too. View our finance page for more details, or contact us if you have any questions.

In-Depth Video Reviews

In mid-2018, viewing figures on the Andertons TV YouTube channel surpassed 100 million, while our subscriber count exceeded the 400,000 mark! There’s a reason why the majority of the online guitar community chooses to watch Andertons TV; your source for unbiased reviews and demos of your favourite gear.

With Gibson’s annual launch of their updated line, our coverage goes above and beyond that of our competitors. Doing our utmost to get our hands on every single guitar in the USA range, and of course the Memphis and Montana models too, we give you an in-depth look at most of the 2019 catalogue.

Tonnes of stock!

Andertons has a great relationship with Gibson, and we ensure that we always have loads of their guitars in stock and on hand for our customers to try out in-store, or to purchase through our online shop.

Gibson USA 2019 Les Paul Guitars

The Les Paul High Performance model builds upon the foundations of the legendary Les Paul Standard, turning it into something truly special. Arguably Gibson’s most highly-equipped offering, the Gibson USA 2019 Les Paul High Performance is able to tackle practically any style of music you can think of.

Weight-relieved using Gibson’s ‘ultra-modern’ method, this super-lightweight guitar is perfect for live performance. In conjunction with its asymmetrical Slim Taper neck profile, the HP is amazingly comfortable as a whole, throwing all of those misconceptions about the Les Paul completely out of the window!

Fitted with Gibson’s Burstbucker Pro Rhythm and Pro Lead+ pickups, these powerful humbuckers give this guitar its distinctive yet versatile voice. Able to handle copious amounts of gain if you want them to, they project a strong mid-range that keeps them clear and defined.

With the ability to coil-tap the humbuckers for single-coil sounds, if you open up the electronics cavity at the back you’ll find a number of internal DIP switches. Letting you affect the circuitry, these switches give you an unbelievable amount of flexibility to influence the overall sound of the guitar. If that sounds confusing, a sticker is included on the back to show you exactly what these switches do!

Installed with Locking Grover Rotomatics, these tuners keep the 2019 USA Les Paul High Performance stable on the tuning front. With the ABR-1 bridge’s Titanium saddles transferring the vibrations from the strings more effectively through the body, the HP’s sustain is increased even more.

The Les Paul Standard is considered Gibson’s flagship guitar; the cornerstone of their catalogue. It's got everything you'd expect from a classic Les Paul; the powerful and harmonically-rich tones as well as the iconic look.

Not entirely dissimilar to the High Performance in terms of its construction and features, the new Gibson 2019 Les Paul Standard is actually far more modern than its older equivalents. With an asymmetrical Slim Taper neck profile like the HP, modern players will feel at home playing the Standard, letting you comfortably fret at all areas of the neck.

Also weight-relieved via the ‘ultra-modern’ process, this not only lightens the guitar but it also gives it more resonance and a broader frequency response. The party-piece of the Standard is of course its AAA Figured Maple top though, with the deep grain enhanced by any of its luxury finish options.

Powered by a set of the popular Burstbucker Pro humbuckers, these versatile pickups provide that unbridled Les Paul sound; gnarly with overdrive and distortion, yet warm and articulate with clean settings. Featuring the same HP-4 circuit found within the High Performance models, you can meticulously change up your sound to meet your specific demands, allowing you to add compression and saturation.

The Les Paul Traditional is the ultimate tonal powerhouse. Giving fans of original ‘50s and ‘60s LP designs the closest reincarnations of these legendary models, the 2019 Les Paul Traditional retains many iconic construction elements and hardware/electronic appointments.

The most stunning feature of the Les Paul Traditional is its AA Figured Maple top, with the Heritage Cherry Sunburst finish giving you a pure ’59 LP vibe! The most noteworthy difference between the Traditional and the other Les Paul models is its non-weight relieved Mahogany body. Delivering more sustain, vintage aficionados will appreciate the weightier feel.

The Traditional is fitted with Gibson-designed Burstbuckers, based on the ground-breaking PAF formula. Aiming to recreate the tone that put Gibson on the proverbial map, the Burstbucker 1 in the neck compliments the rich-sounding Mahogany tonewoods, with a smooth sound that has plenty of mid-range bark.

In the bridge position, the slightly hotter Burstbucker 2 is designed to give you heaps of extra bite without adding any noise. The hand-wired electronics feature orange drop capacitors, famous amongst luthiers for being a crucial ingredient for truly vintage tones.

Gibson’s 2019 lineup encompasses a number of Les Paul models, but the Classic is arguably one of the most stunning yet understated designs on offer. With timeless finish options, classy cream binding and zebra Burstbucker pickups, this instrument will appeal to traditionalists and contemporary players alike.

The Classic retains Gibson’s signature tonewood combinations, with a Mahogany body and neck. Delivering a lively mid-range and focused lows, the body’s Maple top also adds some crucial top-end sizzle. Undergoing Gibson’s renowned ‘9-hole’ chambering process, this gives the instrument more resonance and projection, while also lessening its weight.

In true LP style, the Gibson USA 2019 Les Paul Classic features a pair of potent-sounding Burstbucker humbuckers. With the 61T and 61R versions in the bridge and neck positions respectively, these powerful pickups emit a strong and vibrant upper mid-range, akin to that of a traditional PAF.

Versatile enough for a number of styles, these vintage-inspired pickups can sound warm and airy with clean settings, but they also deliver plenty of bite when used in conjunction with overdriven or distorted sounds.

The Les Paul Studio has been a key part of Gibson’s catalogue since 1983; the year it was first introduced. A more streamlined version of the flagship Standard model, the Gibson USA 2019 Les Paul Studio still provides that iconic LP sound and vibe, but at a more affordable price-point.

Despite its lower price, the Les Paul Studio still boasts Gibson’s favoured LP tonewood combinations. But more worthy of note is the Studio’s body, which has been thoughtfully weight-relieved using the same ‘ultra-modern’ method used on its High Performance and Standard counterparts. Giving you an equally comfortable feel and an airy sound, the Studio can be the perfect onstage workhorse.

The Les Paul is famous for sporting a double-dose of humbuckers, and the Gibson USA 2019 Les Paul Studio is no exception. In the bridge position you’ll find the 498T, a powerful high-output pickup that sounds crunchy and saturated when using heavier tones. The 490R neck humbucker is slightly tamer, with a more vintage character.

Featuring traditional Les Paul circuitry, the 2019 Studio’s electronics provide more versatility compared to some of its older versions from the past. With the volume controls having a push-pull function, these allow you to coil-tap the humbuckers, meaning that you can attain convincing single-coil sounds.

The Gibson USA 2019 Les Paul Studio Tribute is the most affordable and accessible Les Paul model that Gibson currently produces. Offering that authentic Les Paul vibe but with more understated aesthetics, the Studio Tribute still gives you that unbridled LP sound.

Similar to the regular Studio model in terms of construction, the Tribute has a weight-relieved Mahogany body that is harmonically-rich and resonant. However, the Tribute features a bright-sounding Maple neck instead, delivering some extra top-end bite. Also boasting a comfortable Slim Taper neck profile much like the rest of the Les Paul range, the 2019 Les Paul Studio Tribute is light and comfortable to play.

Depending on which finish you choose, the Studio Tribute comes with either a Rosewood (Satin Tobacco Burst, Satin Iced Tea) or Richlite (Satin Cherry Sunburst, Satin Honeyburst) fingerboard. While Rosewood provides a more familiar feel and look, Richlite has a darker appearance yet is still tonally similar to its more traditional counterpart.

A versatile pair of humbuckers power the Studio Tribute, with the 490T and 490R pickups in the bridge and neck positions respectively. The 490T projects a lively mid-range, with lots of clarity for articulate cleans and plenty of definition with overdrive. The 490R neck humbucker is similarly voiced, akin to that of a traditional PAF.

If you’re looking for a pure rock and roll machine, the Gibson USA 2019 Les Paul Junior Tribute DC is a contender that you should strongly consider. With a distinctive doublecut body shape, a punchy P90 bridge pickup and the renowned Gibson construction, this instrument is as stylish as it is potent-sounding!

Comprised of a Mahogany body and a Maple neck, the rich-sounding Mahogany serves as a fantastic tonal foundation for the powerful P90. The DC’s set Maple neck offers some vibrant highs, ensuring that notes and chords will have plenty of bite and a fast, snappy response.

Unlike some of the more modern Gibson instruments, this particular guitar’s body has no weight-relief whatsoever. Giving you more sustain and a substantial feel, this type of construction will surely appeal to the traditionalists.

With a Compensated Wraparound bridge, this reliable design feels solid and smooth under the right hand when palm-muting, with no jagged saddles digging into your picking hand. With the old-school vibe in mind, Gibson has also fitted the USA 2019 Les Paul Junior Tribute DC with a set of their Vintage Deluxe tuners. Featuring white buttons, these tuners have a stable feel with a steady rotation, meaning that you can precisely tune each string.

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Gibson USA 2019 SG Guitars

The most advanced SG ever created by Gibson, the 2019 High Performance model is made for modern of players looking for something highly-versatile with ultimate playability. Available in a stunning Blueberry Fade or an elegant Trans Ebony Fade, these models have a gorgeous look to match their unparalleled tones.

Despite its more contemporary aesthetics and feature-set, the 2019 SG High Performance still features Gibson’s traditional choices of tonewoods. With a thin Mahogany body, you can expect harmonically-rich sounds, with focused lows and lively mids. With a Slim Taper neck profile, the SG HP is super-comfortable to play, especially with its smooth Richlite fingerboard.

Like its Les Paul High Performance counterpart, you’ll notice that the chrome pickup rings are back for 2019. Deciding to forgo their discrete picking mounting system from 2018, you can now easily replace the pickups, although with a pair of Burstbucker Pro humbuckers, we’re not sure you’d want to!

The Burstbucker Pro Lead+ in the bridge can really dish the dirt with high-gain, remaining tight and clear. The Burstbucker Pro Rhythm in the neck also has a high-output design, but its warmer qualities makes it great for creamy lead tones or precise cleans. Enabling you to coil-tap the humbuckers for single-coil sounds, you’ll also find the HP-4 High Performance circuit in the electronics cavity.

Featuring various internal DIP switches, this flexible circuit lets you refine your sound even further, adding more compression and saturation amongst other tone-shaping wizardry. A sticker is included on the back to show you exactly what these switches do, so don’t fret! Locking Grover Rotomatic tuners are the icing on the cake, keeping the SG High Performance stable and reliable on the tuning front.

Like its Les Paul brethren, the Gibson SG Standard is a legendary instrument, used by some of rock and roll’s biggest names. For 2019, the Nashville-based company has given the model a minor facelift, with updated features to push the boundaries even further.

Featuring the stylish ‘Full Face’ scratchplate, the SG Standard is available in timeless Ebony or Heritage Cherry finishes, giving you that unmistakable SG aesthetic. Comprised of a Mahogany body with a set Maple neck, you get the best of both worlds in terms of tone. With the Mahogany projecting that signature low-end grunt, the Maple from the ultra-playable Slim Taper neck adds some top-end fidelity and sparkle.

For 2019, the ’61 Burstbuckers from the 2018 SG Standard have been switched out for the 490R and 490T pickup set. Voiced with some extra mid-range bite, these humbuckers are more dynamic and receptive to your picking response, making them more suited for modern players. Containing Alnico II magnets though, these project more of a vintage level output, keeping both traditionalists and contemporary players satisfied.

If you want a full-fat Gibson SG that doesn’t break the bank, the SG Standard Tribute is the answer. Featuring a non-lacquered finish, uncovered pickups, dot inlays and no binding, this model has a more rustic and understated vibe, yet it still projects that unmistakable SG sound.

The 2019 SG Standard Tribute has a construction similar to the pricier SG Standard. With Gibson pairing a dark-sounding Mahogany body with a vibrant Maple neck, this combination offers a balanced tone with warm lows and crisp highs. The Standard Tribute does however give you a more vintage impression when it comes to its neck profile, featuring Gibson’s traditional ‘rounded’ carve.

Fitted with the same pickups as its Tribute counterpart in the Les Paul lineup, this SG model sports 490T and 490R humbuckers in the bridge and neck positions respectively. These pickups deliver a wide frequency response, with a strong mid-range to help you cut through beautifully in a mix. Clear and bright with clean settings, these humbuckers really thrive when fed through some gnarly overdrive.

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Gibson USA 2019 Designer Guitars

When it came to designing their 2019 Flying V and Explorer guitars, Gibson turned back the clock. Taking inspiration from their very first iterations of these designer instruments, the 2019 models strongly resemble the ’58 Korina look. We think that vintage aficionados will adore these nostalgic models!

Although the 2019 Flying V and Explorer guitars exert the iconic natural finish, you’d be forgiven if you thought that these models were actually constructed from Korina. Instead, they use Gibson’s staple choice of Mahogany, providing harmonically-rich tones with plenty of sonic depth.

To give an upgraded feel, their Mahogany necks do however boast Gibson’s Slim Taper profile, offering a skinnier and more modern feel. Rosewood fingerboards top these comfortable necks, much like the majority of offering from Gibson’s 2019 USA range.

Both guitars are installed with Gibson’s acclaimed Burstbucker pickups, heavily based on the PAF formula that the company established in the ‘50s. The Burstbucker 3 bridge humbucker is overwound and hot, delivering potent highs and saturating nicely when used with overdrive or distortion. In the neck position you’ll find the Burstbucker 2, a medium-output pickup with looser lows and a clear mid-range, more suited to clean settings.

The standard 2019 Flying V and Explorer guitars exhibit a classic look, but their Tribute counterparts are far more suited to modern audiences. Similarly styled to the Gothic models that first made an appearance in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, these instruments have a super-slick ‘blackout’ vibe, with their Satin Ebony finishes and all-black hardware.

Despite having more contemporary aesthetics, Gibson hasn’t abandoned their signature tonewood choices. With Mahogany bodies and necks, these guitars have a dark quality to their sounds, giving heavy riffs lots of depth and low-end growl. Their sleek Rosewood fingerboards enhance their distinctive bellows, rounding off natural highs for a smoother top-end.

In terms of their electronics, these guitars feature the hottest pickups that Gibson produces. With pairs of their Dirty Fingers+ humbuckers, the 2019 Flying V and Explorer Tribute models are simply made for metal. Deriving from Gibson’s renowned ‘Super-Hot’ humbuckers made in the ‘70s, these pickups employ three powerful ceramic magnets to emit a super-strong output. Absolutely in their element when used with high-gain tones, these humbuckers offer incredible sustain and crunch.

A small ergonomic change that you’ll notice with the Gibson 2019 Explorer Tribute is the location of its pickup toggle switch. Conventionally placed at the lower horn (near the cutaway), the Tribute’s selector switch is now placed between the volume and tone controls, for easier on-the-fly changes.

When it was introduced in the ‘60s, the Firebird shattered preconceptions of the electric guitar. Heavily inspired by the alluring curves of American vehicles from the era, the Firebird has earned its place in guitar history for its distinctive looks and tones. For 2019, Gibson has made a number of design tweaks and refinements, without straying too far from the timeless Firebird formula.

Naturally, the Firebird’s body is formed from rich-sounding Mahogany; the result is luxurious resonance and hefty low-end emphasis. With the famous ‘neck through body’ construction, singing sustain and gloriously warm mids are produced for more tonal depth.

With the comfortable Slim Taper neck using a unique 9-ply combination of Mahogany and Walnut, you can expect rock solid reliability and incredible tuning stability. For 2018, Gibson made use of Granadillo for the Firebird’s fingerboard material, but a year later, Gibson has returned to Rosewood as nothing compares to the original! Smooth under the fingers, Rosewood gives you that reassuring, incomparable feel and a rounded top-end.

The double dose of Gibson-designed Mini Humbuckers give the Firebird its idiosyncratic voice. Delivering a balanced sound, the humbucking design allows the lows and mid-range to really pop, while their smaller sizes add some extra snappiness and vibrancy.

A more affordable and simplified version of the standard 2019 Firebird, the Tribute edition gives you that unmistakable tone and feel but in a more streamlined package. With dot inlays, no binding and a set-neck construction, the Gibson 2019 Firebird Tribute is for the pure-bred rocker seeking a no-frills tone machine!

Resorting to a more traditional construction, the Firebird Tribute utilises Mahogany for its body and neck woods. Projecting that signature Gibson tone, this serves as the ideal sonic foundation for the pokey-sounding pickups.

Speaking of which, despite its lower price, the Firebird Tribute still features the same pickups found in the standard model. Most synonymous with the Firebird, Gibson’s Mini Humbuckers are almost a hybrid of a traditional PAF humbucker and a single-coil. Giving you the pronounced low-end you’d expect from humbuckers, their shrunk-down design causes them to emit crisper highs, with a sweet upper mid-range bite.

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Gibson USA 2019 Basses

The Thunderbird is a timeless bass design, with its super-cool offset body shape and reversed 4-in-line headstock. Apart from its distinctive aesthetics, the Thunderbird is also notorious for its huge tones, and the Gibson USA 2019 Thunderbird bass more than delivers!

The 2019 Thunderbird’s body is formed entirely of Mahogany, giving this bass its thunderous low-end bellow. Accompanied by a 9-ply Mahogany/Walnut neck just like the 2019 Firebird, this thoughtful combination of woods ensures excellent tuning stability, due to its strength and density. With a Rosewood fretboard, you’re offered smooth playability and an iconic look.

Getting its power from a pair of direct-mounted, high-output T-Bird pickups, these humbuckers give the 2019 Thunderbird its signature growl. With the likes of Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue) and Shavo Odadjian (System of a Down) using the Thunderbird, there’s a reason why hard rock and metal players particularly enjoy its gnarly sound.

The 2019 Thunderbird employs a 3-Point Adjustable bridge design. Partially embedded into the body, this bridge ensures unparalleled string transference into the Mahogany body, so that all of the tonal perks of this premium tonewood are heard. If you use palm-muting techniques regularly, you’ll also enjoy the bridge’s ergonomic feel too.

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