Dingwall Basses at Andertons Music Co.

All the way from Canada, Dingwall basses have landed in the UK! We’re elated to be stocking these premium instruments, renowned for their elegant aesthetics and ultra-modern features.

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Elliot Stent

Dingwall at Andertons Music Co.

Modern Perfection

Dingwall has been around for a few years, but when Adam “Nolly” Getgood of Periphery started using the company’s Combustion basses back in 2013, their popularity soared almost overnight.

Established as a key player in the world of bass guitars today, Dingwall are synonymous with quality and cutting-edge contemporary design. Popularising the multi-scale neck (recognised as their signature feature), Dingwall’s bass models are among some of the finest modern instruments currently available on the market.

Here at Andertons Music Co. we are stoked to be stocking Nolly’s signature NG-2 and NG-3 basses, in multiple colours. Deriving from the Combustion model that he started with, these instruments are highly-regarded for their sleek appearance, ergonomic feel and potent tones.

Dingwall Basses on Andertons T.V.

Dingwall NG2 Features

Adam “Nolly” Getgood is most well-known for his work with progressive metal band Periphery, and the NG2 reflects his notoriously technical playing style and aggressive sound. With a number of forward-thinking features, it’s no surprise why many players are following in Nolly’s footsteps and using Dingwall basses.


Despite the futuristic looks of the NG2, this beautiful bass still relies on traditional tonewoods when it comes to its construction. With a light Alder body, this instrument has a balanced sound overall, with plenty of punchy mid-range. Paired with a 5-piece bolt-on Maple neck, the NG2 has lots of top-end cut and attack, giving notes all of the clarity you’d ever need!

Multi-Scale Neck

The NG2’s multi-scale neck offers a much sturdier feel and tension on the lower strings than you’d find with a typical bass, for improved note definition where it matters most. With a 37” scale on the low B string and a 34” scale on the high G, you can still get a familiar feel on the treble strings.

As a result of this design, the instrument features fanned frets. Don’t feel intimidated by how they look though, as these frets not only allow for more precise intonation across the fingerboard, but they enhance playability too. Following the natural shape of your hand much better than traditional frets, you’ll be surprised by how quickly you can adapt!

Electronics & Hardware

Dingwall’s very own FD-3N pickups feature in the NG2, utilising Neodymium magnets for increased definition. Delivering thunderous tones when used with distortion, these pickups can be easily tamed thanks to the Darkglass 3-band preamp, with the NG2’s 4-way rotary pickup selector opening up even more tonal possibilities.

The NG2’s hardware appointments are also of exceptional quality too; solid and robust enough for years of abuse. Boasting stylish open-gear tuners, these provide a smooth feel for precise pitching. At the other end of the instrument you’ll find a highly-adjustable staggered bridge, allowing each of the NG2’s strings to vibrate more freely for improved sustain and resonance.

Dingwall NG2 Playthrough with Nolly

* Please note: Nolly is playing the NG2 4-string model in the video above, however Andertons Music Co. currently stocks only the 5-string version. If you'd like to order an alternative model, please contact us.

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