Chase Bliss Audio

Chase Bliss Audio is not just “another” pedal company, no. They are 21st Century trail-blazers, with an enviable range of stompboxes that offer pure analogue magic combined with versatile digital control.

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Chase Bliss Audio

Founded in 2013 by Joel Korte, the name of the brand came from tragic circumstances, after the death of Joel’s brother, Chase, 6 years earlier. Following the mantra “follow your bliss”, Joel put the two together to create the name of the company, in memory of his sibling.

After spending 4 years working for a renowned boutique pedal company, Joel used the experience he had gained to formulate his very own designs. But rather than taking existing circuits and tweaking them only slightly, Joel wanted to create completely unique pedals that offered tones and versatility unlike anything else on the market.

We think he succeeded, as after only a short amount of time, Chase Bliss has become a leading pedal brand. With an acclaimed range of pedals, Chase Bliss offer various different effects, catering particularly well for the experimentalists looking to expand their tonal palettes.

The Chase Bliss Audio Range

Chase Bliss manage to cram a lot of sophisticated circuitry into their pedals, that are only the size of a typical stompbox. 

The Tonal Recall is arguably their most renowned pedal, a powerful multi-delay unit that offers up a range of different sounds. As with all of their pedals, a set of dipswitches on the back gives you access to 16 different sounds. In conjunction with multiple controls on the front, this pedal is for the most serious of echo connoisseurs. 

The Brothers overdrive is another highlight of the Chase Bliss lineup. Delivering many different boost, drive and fuzz sounds in one pedalboard-friendly enclosure, the Brothers is arguably one of the most versatile multi-drive pedals around.

As one of the first pedals to help the company gain notoriety, the Warped Vinyl is a very popular chorus and vibrato. Loved for providing that nostalgic 80s chorus tone with its analog character, the Warped Vinyl is far more diverse than that, providing a modulated landscape that takes chords and picked arpeggios into another dimension.