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Charvel DK24 Guitars

Charvel’s modern high-performance models. All the latest hardware, pickup tones and finishes wrapped up into a sleek super strat style.

Charvel DK24 Guitars

The DK24 range is for modern guitarists after the very best comfort and sound. Charvel are giving their old school Dinky body shape a makeover with exciting contemporary touches. Featuring a plethora of finishes; from solid pastel colours to translucent paints and a mix of burl and quilted tops.

But it’s not as simple as picking out a DK24 colour from the beautiful collection. Here, you’ll find an expansive quota of specs to suit your individual preferences. Both floating bridge and hardtail players are covered with the latest in Charvel, Gotoh and Floyd Rose designs. Then choose from baked and standard maple fingerboards and necks to suit your stylistic tastes.

You’ll also find a plethora of pickup configurations at your disposal. All have one thing in common, however: the Seymour Duncan Full Shred bridge humbucker. This fiery number is wound specifically for hot output and distortion. Optional pickups include the Custom Flat single coil found in either the neck of middle positions for a more dynamic alternative.