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Charvel Dinky Guitars

Charvel’s ultra-refined modern Dinky range delivers in every way you could imagine. Pure tone, effortless playability.

Charvel Dinky Guitars

Californian company Charvel made their name on shred machines that were bold in every sense. Big personality sound and striking aesthetics. The Dinky range takes Charvel’s expertise into the 21st century with specs perfect for the modern player.

Dinky guitars use a selection of pickups and pickup layouts suited to everything in the rock arena. From Seymour Duncan Custom single coils to Nazgul humbuckers, you can get them in this range.

You also have a choice of roasted Maple, regular Maple and aged Ebony fingerboards all with unique looks and feel.

As with most Charvel guitars, Dinkys use Floyd Rose floating bridges or in-house designed classic trem systems for creative playing. 

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