Chapman V2 Guitars

The evolution of Chapman's affordable Standard series offers unprecedented quality & improved components!

Chapman V2 Guitars

UK-based Chapman Guitars have grown from humble beginnings into one of the most innovative and trusted brands in the business. The Standard range has been at the centre of their line-up since their founding in 2009, combining collaborative design with affordable price tags. With the introduction of the V2 Standard models, they've moved factories and stepped it up a notch. 

What's new with the Chapman V2 Standards?

  • Improved baking process - all tonewoods are now baked and dried on site, improving consistency, durability and resonance in one go. 
  • Redesigned rolled fretboard edges - the rolled edges have been further rounded for a smoother playing experience.
  • US-made pickup magnets - the Standard's now feature US-made magnets designed specifically for use in guitars, rather than generic magnets. 
  • Tweaked finishes - the staining and finishing process has been streamlined for extra consistency. They straight-up look prettier!

All things considered, these changes mean that the Chapman Standards are better value than ever. The range includes an even cross-section of their models, including the ML1, ML2, ML3 and Ghost Fret designs. If you've got any questions about the range, please get in touch - in the mean time, you'll find our full selection below!