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Bass Guitars

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Brought to commercial success and popularity in the 1950s by Leo Fender, the bass guitar replaced the double bass as the tonal foundation of almost all pop music. Then in the 60s players like James Jamerson of Motown's houseband The Funk Brothers brought the bass guitar to the very forefront of popular music using the bass guitar melodically to drive the groove forward. Ever since the bass guitar has been taken to the level of artform albeit not so in the limelight as the electric 6 string guitar.

A huge part of being a bassist is achieving great tone and we're here to help you achieve that. Your tone starts with the bass guitar itself (before you even get to Amps, Effects and so on). Leo Fender's original Fender Precision Bass and later Fender Jazz Bass remain two of the most popular models on the market for classic and vintage tones. But for rock and metal tones Fender have lost ground to a huge range of awesome and often very affordable alternatives from the likes of Ibanez.

Here at Andertons we have Bass Guitars from beginner's basses to top brand pro models. We stock Fender, Music Man, Gibson, Epiphone, Ibanez, Squier and more


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