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Drum Hardware

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The job of a good piece of drum hardware is thankless task. More often than not if it gets noticed it's doing something wrong. The perfect stand should remain motionless, unobtrusive, and simply present your instrument to you.

But forget holding your drums up, the most important piece of hardware holds YOU up. A comfy and sturdy throne such as Tama's 1st chair will allow you to play happily for hours. It will ensure you're always firmly planted to the ground and help you maintain good posture at the drum kit.

A kick ass kick drum pedal is also a must. Pedals like the DW 9000 and Pearl's Demon Drive are extremely adjustable, allowing you to get the exact feel you want underfoot. They can also stand up to years of gigging without putting one toe out of line, so you can trust each bass drum hit to be as good as the last.

When it comes to cymbal stands you want them to be sturdy enough to stand up the heaviest metal drummer, versatile so you can put that crash exactly where you want it, and lightweight to ease the pain of lugging them from gig to gig. Many companies including Yamaha and Gibraltar make an excellent variety of hardware. From cymbal and tom stands, clamps, boom arms and stackers, to hi hat stands, snare stands and even racks, allowing your setup to be as wild as your imagination.

Consider a monster drum kit like that of Terry Bozzio. Even though we stand in awe of the wall of Sabian chinas and the sea of toms, it is the hardware that makes it all possible. From each kick pedal to every clamp, they all do their job meaning any drummer, no matter what size kit, is only concerned with making music.

Drum Hardware for all budgets from Mapex, Yamaha, DW, Pearl and more


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Drum Hardware