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Electronic Drum Kits

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Long gone are the days of electronic drums being just a gimmick. Today companies like Roland and Yamaha are leading the way in electronic percussion and creating instruments that can rival their acoustic counterparts. You only have to watch the likes of Jonny Rabb or Thomas Lang let loose on one of Roland’s V-Drums kits to see the potential.

Every detail has been covered. From the incredible sounds produced by Roland’s TD series of drum brains, to the realistic feel of Remo’s mesh head drum pads, it’s all in the name of creating an expressive, natural and enjoyable drumming experience.

Electronic drums can simply be used to aid and inspire practice. Plus they’ll spare your parents, housemates or neighbours the sound of your double-pedal paradiddles! The quality of sound in higher end kits also makes them more suitable than ever when it comes to playing with a band or even live gigs.

Another more exciting way to embrace electronic percussion is through hybrid drumming. This is to combine both acoustic and electronic elements in your setup. It opens up doors to a whole world of sound possibilities and is becoming increasingly important to many drummers including Karl Brazil and Craig Blundell. It can be as simple as adding an Roland Octopad to your setup, or as involved as incorporating multiple pads, a drum brain, and even Roland’s RT series of triggers to augment the acoustic drum sound.

Mixing it up with electronic drums means you can be in control of sounds that are more versatile and authentic, even sounds lifted from original recordings - particularly important in a time when electronic music reigns supreme. It can significantly enhance your role within a band and so make you more valuable and covetable as a musician.

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Buy Electronic Drum Kits, pads, and accessories from top manufacturers including Roland, Yamaha, Alesis and 2Box.


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