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USB & Firewire Cables

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Buy USB and firewire peripheral cables from Belkin and other top manufacturers. There's almost always a part of a music setup that requires either a USB lead or a firewire lead, so don't skimp on quality when buying USB cables or Firewire cables.

We stock the standard USB A to B type cable and we can source other types of USB cables depending on your application. We also have various kinds of firewire cable configurations involving the three main 4-pin, 6-pin and 9-pin firewire connectors. All these cables are interchangeable so it's just a case of getting cables with the correct ends for your devices.

In critical applications like recording music or using a controller keyboard or hard drive, it is always good to use high quality USB cables and keep a spare usb cable and firewire cable around for emergencies!


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USB & Firewire Cables