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Everything you need to record audio to your PC. We've got Apple computers, interfaces, monitors, software, mics and more.

Computers are now powerful enough to do what use to need a big room full of recording equipment: It's your tape machine, mixing console and rack units all as powerful as ever but right there inside your computer! Apple computers have long been the standard in the creative industries because they're solid and reliable and are compatible with the software that the professionals use! Then it's up to you to decide on software and hardware: we have Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) from Cakewalk, Cubasis through to the industry standard Pro-Tools and Logic Audio. We also have Notation Software like the hugely popular Sibelius and a whole host of extras like DAW plug-ins, soft-synths and vocal harmonizers.

That's before we even get to hardware! Audio Interfaces can have a variety of uses: the Apogee Duet is a fantastic way to put together a mobile studio with a laptop whereas the Motu 896HD is perfect for setting up a permanent studio. We have Firewire Interfaces, USB2 interfaces and PCI interfaces. There's everything anyone could ever need to music from their head into their computer at any budget.


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