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Pro Audio

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Check out Andertons for all your Pro Audio needs. We've got mics, recording equipment, outboard, headphones and more at competitive prices.

10 years ago home studios were almost unheard of but now it's easier and cheaper than ever to turn a spare room into a full featured recording studio. Even a simple laptop and audio interface can be used with minimal equipment to make music that can be just as good as music produced in expensive studios!

Pro Audio at Andertons is where you will find professional quality microphones, Microphone Accessories, headphones, Studio Monitors, mixing consoles, outboard processing effects and much more.

We have microphones from recording industry leaders like Rode, Shure, AKG, Blue and Sennheiser including dynamic microphones like the iconic Shure SM58, high-fidelity condenser microphones like the AKG 414 and even USB microphones like the popular Blue Snowball.

In our accessories section you will find all the small but vital things that help a home studio run smoothly from microphone pop-shields through to stands to hold microphones or monitors. Even whole desks designed especially for mixing consoles and computers!

Studio Monitors are available for all sizes of room and all budgets of studio: Near-field, middle-field and far field Studio Monitors from respected brands like Mackie, Genelec and Adam. When night hits you can switch over to headphone mixing because we have headphones from AKG, Roland, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser and others.


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Pro Audio