Vox Amps

Vox Custom Series Amps

If you're looking for iconic Vox tone then you're in the right place. The Vox Custom Series features classic designs and that signature bright, clear, all-valve sound you know and love!

Vox Custom Series Amps

Since 1958 Vox have been one of the biggest names in guitar amplification and some of their all-valve designs have become iconic.
The AC15 was the original Vox amp and offers that classic Vox sound in a small, versatile amp that can be used at home, in the studio, or on stage. The AC15s are available as heads or as combos in either single or twin format.

The AC30 is the most legendary amp in the Vox range. Over the years it's been used by guitarists such as Brian May, Hank Marvin, The Edge and more. The same classic bright, jangly tone as the AC15 with more power for the gigging musician. AC30s are also available as either heads or combos.

If you opt for the head version of the AC15 or AC30 you can get a Custom Series cab to help put some serious volume behind that Vox sound.