Vox AC30 Amps

Used by British rock royalty the AC30 is one of the most iconic British amps of all time and remains popular today. All-valve combos with bright, clear, powerful tones there's no substitute for the AC30!

Vox AC30 Amps

Released in 1959, the Vox AC30 came about because Vox's first amp, the AC15 just wasn't powerful enough to handle large stages. Like its smaller counterpart, the AC30 was an instant success. It provides the signature Vox sound - bright, jangly, and powerful - with enough volume for the gigging musician. The AC30 helped form the sound of British rock in the 1960s and beyond, seeing continued popularity to this day. Musicians such as Brian May, The Edge, Hank Marvin, and Tom Petty have all used AC30s and the results speak for themselves.

The AC30 sound starts with the EL84 power amp valves and 12AX7 preamp valves, with the EL84s being known for their bright and clear sound that can easily be pushed into overdrive territory. AC30s usually have two speakers and these days you can choose whether you want Celestion "Greenback" or "Alnico Blue" speakers in your amp. Greenbacks offer a warmer, more rounded sound, while the Alnico Blues offer greater articulation. AC30s are usually all-valve combos but can also purchased in all-valve head format. Whichever configuration you choose, you're getting that unmistakable Vox sound.

Vox AC30 Amps FAQs

What makes the Vox AC30 such a legendary amp?

The Vox AC30 pioneered British tone. They house EL84 tubes, which have a naturally powerful, compressed and clear sound heard on Rolling Stones and Beatles records. They're extremely easy to use and always produce a great tone.

Is the Vox AC30 loud enough to gig?

30 watts of clean(ish) tone is plenty to rely on at a small venue with a band. If it was good enough for the Beatles, it'll work for you.

What speakers does the Vox AC30 use?

Vox like to mix and match speakers in different AC30 models. Some house Celestion Greenbacks, while others use Celestion Blue.

Which musicians have used the Vox AC30?

The Rolling Stones and The Beatles popularised the amp in the sixties, with plenty others following suit. Notable bands and artists to use the AC30 include Brian May, Mark Knopfler, Radiohead, Muse, U2, The Mars Volta, Tame Impala and Blink-182.