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Pearl Masterworks Drum Kits

Andertons Music Co. was recently named the worldwide No.1 Pearl Masterworks Dealer. We're thrilled to officially offer the world's best selection of Pearl's flagship drum gear!

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Pearl Masterworks Drum Kits

Pearl have been making Masterworks kits for nearly two decades (since 1998), and the idea behind them is simple: to give you complete choice over the construction of your drum kit. This means that you control every detail, including shell materials and design, hardware choice and styling, endless finish options, and much more. Your vision is realised by Pearl's masterful craftsmen in Japan, who painstakingly select and hand-build each element of your design - this truly is the pinnacle of drum artistry!

As well as offering full flexibility in designing your own kit, Pearl have pre-designed five elegant configurations known as the Sonic Select Recipes. Two years were spent researching and testing these designs thoroughly, and the end results speak for themselves; truly distinct, fine-tuned drum kits full of character! 

Being a No.1 Pearl Masterworks dealer means that we proudly hold the world's largest Masterworks stock on site at our Guildford store. We offer up to 36 months 0% finance, and our dedicated team of drum experts is always on hand to advise. Whether you're interested in the Sonic Select Recipe kits, or you're looking to order your own fully customised Masterworks setup, we're committed to ensuring that you get exactly what you're after. If you have any additional questions about our Masterworks range, please don't hesitate to get in touch - otherwise, you'll find our current selection below!