Pearl Drums

Pearl Export Drum Kits

The Pearl Export series is a household name in the drum world. Widely considered to be among the most popular drum kits in the world, the Export series forms a central part of our range at Andertons Music Co!

Pearl Export Drum Kits

Combining value and quality is a tried and tested formula in almost every industry, but few have applied it so successfully as Pearl have with the Export series. For 30 years, Export kits have reigned supreme over many competitors, helping countless drummers find their sound without breaking the bank. 

A number of key design appointments ensure that the Export kits remain affordable without compromising on quality. Taking a leaf out of the Pearl Reference book, Pearl employ blended shells to deliver resonant projection and plenty of sustain. The Export's 6-ply shells use a combination of mahogany and poplar, formed with Pearl's legendary SST (Superior Shell Technology) process. 

Export drums also offer a choice of wrap or high-gloss lacquer finishes (EXX and EXL respectively), as well as their unique Opti-Loc tom mounts that provide total stability without putting resonance at risk. Finally, Export kits are perfectly complemented by the hugely-popular 830 Series hardware. Widely regarded as the best hardware in its price bracket, the 830 stands and clamps simultaneously offer unparalleled rigidity and flexibility. 

Our Pearl Export selection includes full drum sets, shell packs, individual drums and hardware. They're perfect for players of any level; whether you're a beginner looking to invest, or a professional looking for an affordable workhorse, Export will fit the bill!