Pearl Drums

Pearl Emerge Drum Kits

The eMERGE concept is the result of a collaboration between two giants of the industry: Pearl and Korg.

Pearl Emerge Drum Kits

Extensive research and a lengthy design process has culminated in the creation of an electric drum kit like no other. Electronic drum kits have long been a divisive issue among drummers across the musical spectrum; many consider their versatility to come at the cost of realistic response and playability. That's why Pearl teamed up with Korg to break the mould and deliver the perfect combination of tone and feel! 

Taking influence from the legendary Korg Wavedrum and Pearl's wealth of experience in the percussion field, they built the eMERGE from the ground up; a totally new approach with totally fresh results. 

The Puretouch Electronic Pad System has been carefully redeveloped with accurate, acoustic-like feel in mind. Six layers of material offer an authentic, comfortable playing experience, with adjustable tension that's so realistic, you'll double-take! Korg's Wave Trigger technology ensures that every nuance and tiny detail of your performance is captured - no lost ghost-notes or unpredictable velocities here! Further to this, the Puretouch cymbals are among the most realistic electronic cymbals on the market, with frequency-based zone blending, realistic dampening and a balanced feel that perfectly complements the rest of the kit. 

Last but by no means least, the eMERGE MDL-1 Module offers an intuitive interface, perfect for novices and pros alike, with a totally new sound library. With over 700 voices, 35 kits and 36 effects at your disposal, this electronic drum toolkit performs with stunning accuracy and heaps of character. The eMERGE has re-written the electronic kit rulebook - try it and see for yourself!