Oopegg Guitars

Are these the coolest guitars Japan currently has to offer? Well, we believe that Oopegg's quirky "neo-bizarre" instruments are certainly up there — with their head-turning retro style, versatile electronics & modern construction tweaks.

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Oopegg Guitars

There are lots of boutique guitar companies out there building super-cool, niche products to appeal to players after something a bit "different". Oopegg fits that mould, and their flagship 'Trailbreaker Mark-I' model possesses plenty of unique character and vintage "vibe" reminiscent of '60s Japanese-made electric guitars that were equally weird and wonderful!

With a slim and lightweight body that maximises playing comfort, a medium-scale neck for even string tension, well-selected parts, custom-wound USA pickups, 'Variety Control Switches' that allow for innovative tone-shaping and beautiful thin-coated finishes which guarantee exceptional resonance — the Trailbreaker Mark-I really is something to behold!

Based in Tokyo, Oopegg Guitars' core team is made up of Katsunori “Hakkai” Hatakeyama (a legendary roadie and effects pedal, amp and accessories developer who currently serves as the brand's team leader), Tatsuhiro "T2" Itasaka (an experienced master luthier who supervises the OEM workshop where Oopegg's 'Supreme Collection' guitars are built) and Kazuma "Kaz" Tanabe (guitar designer and sales manager).

Here at Andertons, we're thrilled to be stocking a range of Oopegg's eccentrically-styled, totally-original electric guitars! One of these spellbinding instruments would add colour and charm to any collection.

What does the ‘Oopegg’ name mean?

Oopegg is an acronym, which stands for “out-of-place electric guitars & gear”. If you don’t think that’s creative, we don’t know what is! It’s certainly an appropriate name for a company that fully embraces doing things differently; producing products with unique designs and specifications that you’ve never seen before.