Keeley Hooke Reverb Pedal


As a lover of classic reverbs, the Keeley Hooke Pedal offers you a number of vintage-inspired, tube-driven style reverbs (with some new ones too!). And no, this isn’t a multi-verb pedal that will take up an acre of your pedalboard either.

6 Types of Reverb in 1 pedal!

Like many of Robert Keeley’s pedals, a versatile 3-way toggle switch is added to the front of the pedal, letting you choose your favourite sound. If you open up the back of the pedal and flick the internal switch to Bank 2, you get access to 3 more sounds!  With 6 reverbs available, the Hooke is the ultimate all-in-1 reverb pedal.

Spring - You can add a "bounce" to your guitar sound in Spring mode. This reverb is based off a vintage-inspired spring design, giving you a classic sound with convincing character. Increase the tone control to get a super-bright spank, or turn it down for a darker and more subtle verb. The Spring control affects the reverb reflections, so you can emulate a more worn-in “loose” spring sound.

Spring-Plate - A Spring-Plate sound is achievable when you switch to Bank 2. This recognisable sound came about in studios, where producers would add a plate reverb to a tube amp’s spring verb to sound bigger and more airy. You can now replicate that classic sound with this mode, and mix in as much of either as you like.

Trem-n-Verb - The Trem-n-Verb mode emulates that desirable vibrato (tremolo) channel from a Fullerton CA Black Panel amp. You can recreate this amazing sound in this mode, which Keeley have carefully filtered to achieve a more genuine tube-like sound. That unmistakable pulsing trem/verb sound is all yours.

Long Decay Trem-n-Verb - This mode in Bank 2 gives the same sound with a longer decay. This is designed more for guitars fitted with single coils, giving you a larger and more frantic spring verb that is perfect for surf-rock!

Fugue - Fugue mode provides a unique octave-up/octave-down reverb tail, so that you can make your guitar sound like a huge church organ. If you love experimental sounds then this is the mode for you, and by cranking the Level and Reverb controls you can get a full 100% wet sound. Make your guitar not sound like a guitar at all!

Vibro-Spring - Switch to Bank 2 and you’ll get a Vibro-Spring verb. If the classic Blackface and Magnatone amps merged, this is the result – a spring reverb with a pitch vibrato. If you want to add some modulation to your reverb then this is the perfect mode for you. Another one for the experimentalists!

Here’s what Keeley have to say about the Hooke Reverb:

The new Hooke Spring Reverb from Keeley brings vintage tube-amp spring reverb and tremolo into one package. Bring your blackface reverb and tremolo on the road with you without lugging around your prized possession!  Choose from Classic Spring, Black Face Trem-n-Verb, or an organ like Fugue-Verb.

Classic Spring Reverb - The Hooke Spring Reverb has the Spring Reverb mode.  The main features of this mode include the Tone and Spring controls.  The Tone control allows you to set the pedal for a bright, spanky reverb tone or a dark, thick reverb.  The Spring control is the amount “looseness” or “Sproing!” in the reverb pan.  Loose springs seem to give a lot of reflections and you can hear the reverb “bounce” a lot.  You can simulate a specific reverb pan you had in a vintage amp.  Combinations of these two controls allow you to fine-tune both the tone and the character of the springs and tubes in your favorite vintage reverb.  You won’t believe the depth and warmth of this reverb.  It’s one of our finest creations.

Black Face Trem-n-Verb - This is designed to give you the ultimate Fullerton, CA black panel Vibrato channel reverb.  Everyone knows that it’s not really (pitch) vibrato, it’s tremolo.  We carefully EQ’d and filtered the sound to not only be tube-like but we crafted a tonal modification that makes for a deep throbbing tremolo.  By adjusting the bias of the output tubes for the volume tremolo, you also dip the volume of the reverb.  We found a special recipe where the reverb washes over the tremolo texture a little thicker and creates a tone that is truly magical.

Fugue, an Organ Reverb - The Hooke Reverb needed something crazy.  Something that just didn’t exist.  We started playing with shimmer-springs, octave down and sprung, all sorts of other coiled manifestations of things springy and coily and then it hit us.  The problem was we could hear the original guitar part.  Ah, yes, all wet.  All wet is where the magic happened.  No original signal, all wet spring reverb with octave up and down.  Church Organ, Organ Reverb, Fugue It!  Get Hooked and Go Fugue!

What more from your Keeley Reverb?  Take the back plate off your Hooke Spring Reverb and change the Bank Switch to Bank 2.  Now you have 3 more Spring reverb patches!

Long Decay Trem-n-Verb - Same as in Bank 1, but set up for single coil guitars and super long decay/reverb trails.  If you want a huge springy mess of reverb and you have some spaghetti logo guitar for making surf music…yeah, this is it.  Springs up dude!

Spring-Plate - Another Keeley Original.  After a YouTube commentator said, oh man no plate reverb…I said, I said, Beeeeetch! I got your plate reverb!  How about this I said…Cross Fade between Spring Reverb and Plate Reverb.  And that’s just exactly what it does.  Dial in 25% spring reverb and 75% plate, dial in 50/50, dial in your own perfection.  This is like taking your tube amp with spring reverb into the studio and then the producer adds their plate reverb.  Classic.  Happens all the time.  Well now you can do it anywhere with the Keeley Hooke Spring Reverb.  Thank you.

Vibro-Spring - What if a Blackface and Magnatone amp had a love child?  Yeah, a pitch vibrato spring reverb.  Something that would have been right up Lonnie Mack’s alley?  Well, it’s in there too.  The Fugue mode becomes what I call the Mack Mode.  Mack Mode was inspired by Eddie Heinzleman’s love of Lonnie Mack.  I texted Eddie about this possibility and in a few seconds I had YouTube links to Wham and Satisfy Suzie.  Yup, Vibrato and Reverb.  Sounds Delish.  Mack n Cheese!  Wait, wrong page… Mack Mode!  Spring Reverb with Pitch Vibrato.

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