G&L SB-2 Basses

If you’re looking for the most versatile bass out there, the G&L SB-2 is pretty hard to beat. Featuring a flexible P/J pickup configuration, the SB-2’s wide palette of tones makes its appropriate for many styles of music.

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G&L SB-2 Basses

G&L Tribute SB-2 Basses


G&L SB-2 basses feature Mahogany bodies, ensuring a rich low-end and pronounced mid-range tones. Depending on the colour option, these instruments are available with either Maple or Brazilian Cherry fingerboards, providing vibrant highs or mellower mids respectively. Modern players may also feel more at home with the 12” fingerboard radius’ featured on the G&L SB-2 basses, with the flatter profile allowing you to set your action lower and more evenly.


A J-Style and P-Bass hybrid of sorts, the G&L SB-2’s all-encompassing pickup configuration will cover almost any genre. The punchy-sounding MFD split-coil in the neck position has plenty of bounce, while the bridge single-coil projects some super-raspy mids for enhanced clarity in a band mix. With volume controls for each, you can blend their outputs for the perfect balance of warmth and attack.