G&L LB-100 Basses

The LB-100 is G&L’s take on the legendary P-Bass; the electric bass that started it all. Designed by Leo Fender, the LB-100 came to fruition in the early ’90s to give bassists a subtly-evolved version of the original formula.

G&L LB-100 Basses

G&L Tribute LB-100 Basses


Compared to its counterparts in the G&L bass catalogue, the LB-100 has a slightly chunkier body for that more traditional look. Formed from Swamp Ash though, this light tonewood makes the LB-100 an excellent performance workhorse, with its resonant tonal properties producing great balance across the frequency spectrum.

Paired with a bolt-on Maple neck, this enhances the top-end and gives notes a more immediate and snappy attack. Depending on which colour option you go for, G&L LB-100 basses can come with either Rosewood or Maple fingerboards. While Rosewood darkens the treble slightly, Maple boosts it for extra definition.

Electronics & Hardware

With just a sole P-style split-coil pickup, that familiar rounded mid-range sound oozes out of the G&L LB-100 basses. Master tone and volume knobs give you sufficient control over your sounds, but it’s fair to say that the LB-100s are suited for bassists who just want to plug in and play!

The innovative G&L ‘Saddle-Lock’ bridge features on the G&L LB-100 basses. Engineered to keep a consistent distance between the strings, this bridge also enhances sustain and note definition.