G&L Kiloton Basses

G&L Kiloton basses are unbridled rock machines. With single bridge humbuckers, these basses produce super-punchy sounds that can effortlessly penetrate in live or studio mixes.

G&L Kiloton Basses

G&L Tribute Kiloton Basses


Available with Swamp Ash or Basswood bodies, G&L Kiloton basses are light and ergonomic. Described as the most comfortable body shape created by Leo Fender, Kiloton models boast smooth curves and contours, so that you can play unhindered in a live scenario or when practicing sitting down.

Their bolt-on Hard Rock Maple necks are solid and robust, dishing out a bright top-end with lots of attack and bite. Embellished with either Maple or Brazilian Cherry fingerboards; whether a vibrant treble is for you or a more rounded mid-range - both sounds are attainable.

Electronics & Hardware

The Kiloton bass’ sole G&L-designed Magnetic Field Design humbucker delivers a huge, engulfing tone. With a relentlessly punchy character, this pickup fires out plenty of output without the aid of a built-in preamp.

Simple master tone and volume knobs offer you decent control of your core sound, however the discrete 3-way pickup switch gives you a more diverse array of tonal options. Putting the pickup circuitry into series, split or parallel, you can produce an enviable selection of tones out of just a single humbucker!