Fender Mustang Amps

The Fender Mustang Amp range are Fenders take on the ultimate practice tool and since release, they’ve been onto a winner.

Fender Mustang Amps

The Fender Mustang range has been hailed for providing users with a clever digital interface to make practice at home and in a rehearsal room that much easier. You’ve got a plethora of tones at your fingertips and can easily access anything from clean, spanky country tones to sleazy blues and chugging metal tones. The range starts with the smaller 40w amp and goes up to the powerful 200w 2x12” behemoth.

The Mustang amps have also got the ability to be controlled via Bluetooth with your favourite smart device such as an iPad, iPhone or similar. This is a handy way to adjust settings or presets or even to stream music and jam along to your favourite songs and backing tracks.

Fender Mustang Amp FAQs

Is the Fender Mustang a good amp?

Packed with amp models, onboard effects, and customisation options, Fender Mustang amps are a great choice for guitarists looking for a versatile yet affordable amp.

How does a Fender Mustang amp work?

Fender Mustang amps are digital and get their tone through various digital amp models based on either real amps or a certain style of sound.

How do you record on a Fender Mustang amp?

Recording on a Mustang amp is really easy thanks to the USB output. Simply hook the amp to a computer via USB and then record using your preferred recording software.

What's difference between Mustang models?

The Mustang Amp range spans from the entry-level Mustang I to the top-of-the-line Mustang GTX100. As you move up the series from the Mustang I you get more amp models, effects, and presets, improved speakers, and additional features like looper functionality and Bluetooth streaming.