Cole Clark Guitars

All the way from Australia, Cole Clark crafts some of the finest acoustic guitars currently available on the market. As masters of electro-acoustic technology, their innovative instruments are designed to project a natural amplified sound.

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Cole Clark Guitars

Founded in 2001, Cole Clark is an Australian guitar company that specialises in the production of acoustic instruments. By combining some of the most iconic construction features from existing, world-class designs; their instruments simply feel and sound incredible. However, innovation is a key part of their appeal too, especially when it comes to their electronics.

At the heart of most Cole Clark guitars is a patented pickup system, which is regarded by many experts as the most natural-sounding currently available. Using a combination of six under-saddle piezos, a body face sensor and a built-in condenser microphone, the elements from this system capture only the frequencies that they're best equipped to handle. This culminates in a natural acoustic tone when amplified, with the system eliminating the unnatural 'quack' that afflicts most electro-acoustic guitars. An effective 3-band EQ section gives Cole Clark's system even more flexibility, and you can even blend the outputs of the piezo and sensor pickups to find the perfect sonic balance!