Caveman Audio

Caveman Audio have more than 25 years of experience in designing and building custom audio systems for some of the most demanding artists in the music industry. These are some of the finest amps and effects on the market today

Caveman Audio

Caveman audio have made it their quest to address the issues that guitarists experience on a daily basis.  No more hum, noise, signal loss, cross-loading issues, instability, etc. Their philosophy is to retain the natural guitar and amp tone, while adding high quality effects that don't add noise. They have developed a ground-breaking concept that allows them to suppress ground noise with up to 120dB in every design they build. They're also built for life on the road - with durability and ruggedness at the forefront of design.


Their handcrafted amps use military-grade components, custom-made parts and come in road-ready stainless steel enclosures. Designed them specifically to deliver the ultimate musical experience for any guitarist taking his craft seriously. Get ready for amazing tone and dynamics!


Handcrafted and made from zinc-plated steel for maximum strength and protection, all of their guitar pedals are based on my years of experience in playing live on the stage, as well as meticulously working in the lab to master every aspect of the guitar sound. That’s why all of their pedals come with a whopping 10 Year Warranty!

Switchers & Controllers

Their switching and looping systems are meticulously designed to meet the most rigorous touring demands of the professional guitarist.