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Bohemian are a young company who have gained renown for creating some of the most original and environment-friendly guitars on the market today. All their instruments use oil cans as bodies, giving them a unique retro vibe and a jangly, dynamic sound.

Bohemian Guitars

Famous musicians such as Billy Gibbons, Jeff Beck and Robert Plant have happily endorsed them, proving they’re more than just a gimmick.  


Inspired by Johannesburg street musicians, brothers Adam and Shaun Lee looked to the resourcefulness and creativity of guitarists using recycled materials to make their makeshift instruments and ran with the idea. They came back with the oil can guitar, the original models handmade in their parents’ basement in Georgia, USA. 
After selling their early creations to family and friends, they decided to turn their part-time gig into a full-blown business and it took off from there. Bohemian was founded in 2012 and the following year they began a crowdfunded kickstarter campaign which raised $55,000, $20,000 over the target amount to get their guitar onto the production line – whilst maintaining the essence of the product; an instrument completely made from recycled materials, including the neck and all hardware.     


The first three guitars in production, thanks to the Kickstarter, were the Honey, Motor Oil and Moonshine models under the Boho Series. Since then, they’ve added four more variations all with different pickups and pickup combinations. Bohemian provide a wide range of pickup designs, such as P90s for a strong midrange punch, hot humbuckers for extra overdrive and single coils for classic tones. 
Whatever configuration you’re running, you know a Bohemian will turn heads thanks to its completely original look. Each model has a different style oil can body, dressed in bright vintage colours and patterns with a cool name to match, such as Hot Sauce, Ale and Surf Wax. The handy thing with the box shape is that you don’t need a guitar stand, so you can keep them in the living room as a piece of retro art if you’re not playing. 
The Atlanta-based company have made a conscious design effort to keep their guitars stripped back and dedicated to specific needs. They have an authenticity you can only find from self-made stringed instruments buskers might be seen playing. 
Primarily made for twangy blues and classic rock and roll, they capture these styles perfectly in both sound and looks. Almost all of Bohemian’s guitars feature maple necks and fretboards with 21 frets, tune-o-matic fixed bridges, a 25.5-inch scale length and volume and tone controls. The hollow body provides a resonance and chime you can’t find in any other guitar. The company have gone on to produce bass variations as well which produce a distinct metallic, rustic thump.
Bohemian will plant a tree for ever order they receive so if you’re looking for a distinct guitar and care for the environment, this is the brand for you.