Blackfire Pickups

Greek shred titan Gus G. (Firewind, Ozzy Osbourne) has launched his own pickup company — Blackfire. With a range comprising high-output active & passive humbuckers, Blackfire's pickups are designed for rock/metal players seeking "uncompromising tone".

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Blackfire Pickups

With 20 years of professional recording and touring experience, Gus G knows guitar tone — especially tight, high-octane sounds! Like many sonically-obsessive players, Gus believes that pickups are a key component when it comes to tone-shaping, and as a musician on a constant journey developing his own voice — he needs to make sure that he's satisfied with the end result.

To facilitate his desire to achieve the perfect guitar sound, Gus decided to forgo collaborating with an existing pickup brand and formed a company all of his own — where his vision can't ever be restrained. In his own words: "This wasn't about making another signature piece of gear, but creating something new." After years of development and multiple prototypes tested to their limits, Blackfire pickups has finally emerged with a small yet solid lineup featuring two distinct models - Proteus and Immortal.

The Proteus is a powerful active humbucker with a balanced EQ curve, driven by a low-noise preamp that ensures hiss-free operation and plenty of kick with distortion. Immortal is a slightly different affair, with a traditional passive design based on an ceramic magnet - pumping out punchy mid-range frequencies for crunchy riffs and mix-piercing leads.