Baum Guitars

Designed in Denmark, Baum’s Original & Vega Series' guitars will captivate you with their unique contemporary/retro looks & scintillating sonics!

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Baum Guitars

Baum is a boutique guitar brand that manufactures high-quality instruments in Aarhus, Denmark. Led by design and guitar connoisseurs, the Baum team crafts a variety of electric guitars and basses rooted in Nordic minimalist style; combined with a passion for vintage cars! These elements are seamlessly melded together, while respecting the classic rules of guitar building.

The combination of the above sources of inspiration has formed the distinctive Baum aesthetic. In their own words: "a modern guitar with vintage roots". Picking up a Baum guitar should therefore feel like meeting an old friend — for the first time.

Which Baum Guitars Will Andertons Be Stocking?

Baum Guitars has handcrafted custom instruments in Denmark for a number of years. Used by a raft of high-profile Scandinavian musicians — namely Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes), Neu Mannas (Matchstick Skeletons) and Anders Folke (Minds of 99) — Baum has plenty of pro plaudits and has gained a significant fan following on Instagram too.

The Original and Vega Series' complement the Danish-made guitars and basses by offering more accessible and approachable Baum instruments designed in the Danish custom shop and crafted in South Korea and Indonesia respectively. Each Baum guitar comes with the classic Baum proprietary elements: Goldsound pickups, Levitator Roller bridges & Baum Modern "C" necks. Baum quantifies niche. The Danish way!