Baum Guitars

Designed in Denmark & built in South Korea, Baum’s Original Series guitars will captivate you with their unique contemporary/retro looks & scintillating sonics!

Baum Guitars

Baum is a boutique Danish guitar brand, established in 2015 by Art Director Morten Bau. As an educated designer, Bau puts his heart and soul into the construction of every single one of his instruments. He prides himself on creating unique, original shapes — combining a love for old-school guitars with minimalistic Nordic style... as well as a passion for vintage cars! These elements are seamlessly melded together, while respecting the classic rules of guitar building.

The combination of the above sources of inspiration has formed the distinctive Baum aesthetic. In their own words: "a modern guitar with vintage roots". Picking up a Baum guitar should therefore feel like meeting an old friend — for the first time.

Which Baum Guitars Will Andertons Be Stocking?

Baum Guitars has handcrafted custom instruments in Denmark for a number of years. Used by a raft of high-profile Scandinavian musicians — namely Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes), Neu Mannas (Matchstick Skeletons) and Anders Folke (Minds of 99) — Baum has plenty of pro plaudits and has gained a significant fan following on Instagram too.

The company clearly has huge ambitions, and they’re keen to take their name to the next level. That’s why from 2021, Baum will be producing an affordable line of electric guitars manufactured in South Korea — the Original Series. Made to a very high standard, these models allow Baum fans to purchase their dream guitar without breaking the bank! Baum’s spellbinding Original Series instruments are available to buy exclusively at Andertons in the UK — right now!

Baum Original Series Guitars - Key Features

The following features come as standard across the entire Baum Original Series lineup, except where noted:

  • ‘Goldsound’ Pickups — Acclaimed, custom electronics. Modern/retro design with roots in the classic “Goldfoil” aesthetic. Tailored to bring the best out of each guitar and to provide a sound that you can make your very own.
  • ‘Baum Levitator’ Roller Bridges — Innovative “rolling” string saddles greatly reduce unwanted tuning slips.
  • Bigsby Tailpieces — Classy, old-school tremolo systems allow you to warble chords or lead lines whenever inspiration strikes! Available on selected models only.
  • Mahogany Bodies — Yield a thick and sustain-rich sound. A fantastic tonal platform for the pickups.
  • Roasted Maple Necks — Less susceptible to warping than untreated Maple as moisture is removed, resulting in brilliant tuning stability. Finished with thin satin lacquer for smooth playability.
  • Rosewood Fingerboards — Luxurious, silky material under the fingers. Enhances mid-range warmth.
  • 12” Fingerboard Radii — Strike the perfect balance between contemporary and vintage dimensions.
  • Medium Jumbo Frets — Offer a controllable feel for wide vibrato and pitch-perfect string bends.
  • Bolt-On Construction — Forms a snappy note response for an immediate playing experience.