Boss Pedals

Boss Delay & Reverb Pedals

All the immersive ambience you’ll ever need, from one of the household names of the guitar pedal world! Boss delay and reverb pedals remain an industry standard for a reason.

Boss Delay & Reverb Pedals

Japanese manufacturer Boss was founded in 1973. In the decades that have followed, they've earned a reputation for producing great-sounding and reliable guitar pedals that simply get the job done! Known for their rugged enclosures that can handle even the most rigorous punishment, Boss stompboxes are staples within the guitar community — used by home hobbysists and touring professionals alike.

As well as their popular modulation and overdrive pedals, Boss are known for producing a number of go-to ambient effects. They introduced the first ever compact digital delay pedal in 1984 — the DD-2 — and have since produced dozens of varieties that have been employed by countless players the world over. Among their most popular options is the DD-3-T, based on the classic DD-2 formula, while the RE-2 and RE-202 pedals are convincing reproductions of the classic Roland Space Echo — but in handy pedal formats that are far more affordable and reliable than the real thing!

As well as their compact delay and reverb pedals, Boss offer a handful of more advanced units such as the RV-500 and the DD-500 effects processors. We're pleased to stock one of the best selections of Boss reverb and delay pedals in Europe, from their accessible stompboxes to their premium Waza Craft range.