Boss Katana MkII Amps Announced!

Building on their best-selling formula, Boss has unveiled its next generation of flagship guitar amplifiers - the Katana MkII series!

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Boss Katana MkII Series - What's New?

  • More Sounds - New 'Variation' function changes the feel and response of each of the Katana's five amp characters, doubling the amount of tones at your disposal.
  • Expanded Effects - You can now use five different effects simultaneously, with three selectable variations of each giving you 15 in total. The power of a massive pedalboard inside your amp!
  • Power Amp Functionality - With new 'Power Amp In' jacks, Boss Katana MkII models can be used as powered cabinets for preamp pedals, modellers and multi-effects units.
  • Stereo Expand Feature - Katana 100 MkII amps can be linked together via a single cable to create a wide stereo field. Users can control everything from master Katana MkII, with stereo-compatible effects distributed across both amps for immersive sound.
  • Updated 'Tone Studio' - Boss has evolved its accompanying software, featuring a refreshed interface and dedicated 'Pedal FX' category. Gen-1 Katana owners can also import their custom patches and use them with Katana MkII amps!

BOSS Katana MkII Overview

Launched in 2016, Boss' original Katana amps received worldwide acclaim for their authentic tube tones, high-quality built-in effects, unparalleled versatility and brilliant value. Three years later, and Boss has taken the wraps off its new and improved Katana MkII series!

Enhanced with more sounds, effects and connectivity options; Boss Katana MkII amps are the ultimate all-encompassing tone tools for the studio and stage. With direct replacements for the Katana 50, 100 and 100 212 combos, Boss has also upgraded the mighty Katana 100 head.

BOSS Katana MkII Band Jam

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