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Bose F1 Model 812 and Subwoofer Stereo Speaker Set

Complete PA System for Live Performances


What's Included

  • 2 x Bose F1 Model 812 Flex Array 1000w Loudspeaker
  • 2 x Bose F1 Powered Subwoofer
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Ollie Mason

Here's what Bose say about the F1 Speaker:

A lot of PA loudspeakers sound great but have one fatal flaw if you need to take them from venue to venue. Certain speakers will project sound in certain directions which will suit different rooms. So if you get yourself a PA system that is designed to be set up at the same level as the audience and then you have to play a venue with tiered seating...it won't sound great.

That is where the innovation of the Bose F1 Flexible Array system comes in handy. Not only is it a super high quality 1000w loudspeaker but it is also the first speaker to have vertical coverage control. This means that you can set the speaker to distribute the sound in multiple different patterns so no matter where the audience is sat you they still get the best sound.

The Four Positions

The F1 can be set up to have one of four vertical coverage patterns. The straight setting focuses the sound in a straight line, this is great if the speakers are at ear level with the audience with little or no variation in height. The J setting points the sound down, you would use this setting for your typical live concert or stage performance where the audience is below the speaker. Reverse J position is what you would use in a tiered seating layout such as a cinema or theater. Just want to cover everything? Set the F1 to the C position and the sound will travel forward in a wide arc covering an entire room.

But won't adjusting the layout of the speaker change the sound? It will but that is why Bose have built in an automatic EQ that changes the tonal balance of your sound depending on the vertical setting.

The Power Of Many

Bose have a unique way of looking at PA loudspeakers. Through years of development they have found that sometimes multiple smaller speakers can provide a much crisper and cleaner sound than fewer smaller speakers. That is why the Bose F1 loudspeaker doesn't just have a single speaker. With large 12" LF providing the low end and 8 mid/high drivers set up as an array the clarity is second to none. You can use the F1 on its own or with the F1 subwoofer and you will still get a powerful sound night after night.

Built In Mixer

Like any powered PA speaker a built in mixer is an essential tool to have. With 2 channels that can accept XLR, 1/4 inch or RCA connections this speaker can be set up to work with your current mixer and setup or used on its own if you only need to plug in one or 2 microphones.


  • FLEX array: Bose exclusive flexible baffle can be configured into four unique shapes, allowing you to choose the best possible coverage pattern for the application
  • Eight-driver mid/high line array: Eight vertically mounted drivers, each mounted on a custom waveguide, help deliver wide, consistent coverage
  • 12-inch LF driver: High-performance woofer provides strong low-frequency output
  • 2-channel integrated mixer: 2 inputs with independent level controls accommodate XLR, 0.25-inch and RCA connectors

Here's what Bose say about the F1 Subwoofer:

The perfect sub to go with the Bose F1 Flexible Array Loudspeaker the F1 Subwoofer is fitted with all of the features you would expect and performance way beyond its size. A lot of engineers will say that you need 12" or even 15" and above sized subs to really fill out a room. Bose has proved them all wrong with this subwoofer. As with just two 10" drivers this small and lightweight sub deliver incredible amounts of low end rumble while still being able to fit in your car.

Performance Beyond Size

Bose really have achieved the impossible with this speaker setup. With the ability to go down to 38hz with plenty of volume this speaker breaks what people used to think about small lightweight subs. Never again will you feel that there is not enough punch to your sound and that more subs and a bigger van are the only solution.

Integrated Stand Setup

One of the biggest pains with PA systems is getting it all set up. They are normally big and bulky and require loads of little extras to be set up properly. That is not the case with the F1 system though as Bose have thought of everything by including a built in stand and cable managment system into the F1 sub that is not only lightweight but also extremely strong.

Line EQ

When it comes to setting up your PA system one of the most important components is the crossover. This determines what frequencies get sent to what speaker meaning you can push either your loudspeaker or sub to handle as much or as little of the low end that you want. One of the best parts of the Bose F1 crossover is that it can be set to either THRU or HPF which means that the loudspeaker can still be sent a full range of frequencies or you can limit it with a high pass filter.


  • High performance compact subwoofer: All the performance of a larger bass box in a more compact design that's lighter and easier to carry than conventional subwoofers
  • High-excursion 10-inch drivers: 2 woofers provide deep impactful bass
  • Integrated mounting stand: Built-in stand is stored in the rear of the subwoofer making set up fast and easy-includes cable channels to neatly hide wires
  • Line output EQ: Output can be set to THRU (full range) or HPF (high pass filter) allowing for easy crossover selection when used with a main loudspeaker
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