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Blackstar Unity Amps

UK manufacturer Blackstar cover everything from intuitive practice amps to full-tilt valve monsters. The Unity range is their first foray into bass amplification, and there’s plenty on offer.

Blackstar Unity Amps

Blackstar painstakingly researched what goes into creating the ultimate bass tone, putting their wealth of experience to the test while referencing some of the most iconic sounds in modern music history. With the Unity amps’ extremely intuitive yet versatile control options, you're able to dial in a truly punchy, full sound with ease.

Blackstar's trademark 'response' control allows you to choose from three classic power amp stages, offering variations in compression, drive and dynamics. You've got a 3-band parametric EQ at your disposal and three distinct preamp voicings, as well as a 3-way overdrive/distortion/fuzz switch and built-in chorus & octave effects. A near-infinite number of tonal combinations that covers just about everything.

The Unity amps range from 30 watts to 500 watts to ensure that they suit everyone. If you’d like to know more about our Blackstar amp selection, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – in the meantime, you’ll find the full range below.