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UK-based manufacturer Blackstar seem to be going from strength to strength as each year comes - so what's in store for 2018! Keep an eye on this page for all NAMM Blackstar announcement news!

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Sam Beattie

Blackstar was formed by a number of UK amp designers and technicians with the aim of creating world-class British tone at affordable price points - their range has expanded massively over the past decade, and they've become something of a household name in the guitar gear world.

They look set to drop some incredible new gear in 2018, and we can't wait to get our hands on it! Read on for more info...

Yes indeed, you read that right - Blackstar have unveiled a series of bass amplifiers! This is undoubtedly one of the biggest curve-balls we've seen so far at NAMM 2018, but given Blackstar's reputation, we're confident they'll be absolutely smashing bits of kit!

Blackstar painstakingly researched what goes into creating the ultimate bass tone, putting their wealth of experience to the test while referencing some of the most iconic sounds in modern music history.


First thing's first: the Unity Bass series was designed by bass players, for bass players! Boasting extremely intuitive yet versatile control options, you're able to dial in a truly punchy, full sound with ease. They've been designed to extremely dynamic and responsive to your chosen playing style, with a number of options in the range (going from 30 watts to 500 watts) to ensure that they suit everyone.

Blackstar's trademark 'response' control allows you to choose from three classic power amp stages, offering variations in compression, drive and dynamics. You've got a 3-band parametric EQ at your disposal and three distinct preamp voicings - these deceptively simple controls offer a near-infinite number of tonal combinations.

It's in the term unity; numerous tones across the stylistic spectrum and crucial to music history, all brought together in one outstanding series of amplifiers!

Key Features:

  • Ultimate tonal flexibility – From valve inspired growl to high headroom clean
  • Unique Response control – 3 power amp stages to shape compression and feel
  • Drive section – 3 overdrives (Overdrive / Distortion / Fuzz) with user-controllable blend
  • Compressor and effects – Chorus and Sub-Octave
  • Pro connectivity – balanced XLR, jack or USB are perfect for live, studio and home use
  • Unity Bass Series Active Cabinet – connect to any amp in the Unity Bass Series for 250W of extra power

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