Blackstar Announce HT Venue MKII Amplifiers!

Blackstar have just unleashed the second generation of their acclaimed HT amp range!

The Blackstar HT Range

The HT amplifier series has been one of Blackstar’s biggest successes in their relatively short history. These affordable tube-driven amps have been seen across music venues around the world, popular with touring musicians for their versatility, ease-of-use and robust build-quality.

The HT series defines that “plug in and play” mentality that all us guitarists love. And now, Blackstar have kicked everything up a notch!

Adding a raft of new features, including a footswitchable boost and professional recording outputs, these great-sounding amps boast more functionality than ever before.

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HT Venue MKII Series

Building upon an already established formula, the HT MKII line hasn’t strayed too far from the original range. However, Blackstar has introduced many new features that were on the wishlists of diehard HT users for years. These include:

The Tones

The HT MKII clean channel features an American/British voicing switch, to let you find your favourite tonal flavour. The American voicing offers a tighter and more responsive clean, with a brighter top-end. The British voicing delivers a “chimey” and more-open clean, becoming gritty when cranking the volume.

The overdrive side of the amp essentially has two channels. Sharing the same EQ, each channel has its own voicing switch, letting you tweak your tone. Each channel also has its own gain and volume controls, letting you set up rhythm and lead channels!

The Updates

Footswitchable modes

All modes are footswitchable, resulting in the widest possible selection of stage accessible valve tones. The supplied 2-way footswitch enables the selection of the clean and overdrive channels, and the two voices on each Channel. The optional FS-14 5-way Footcontroller enables instant access to all channels and voices, plus the global boost function and reverb switching for maximum control. Thea boost adds more volume when you need it to give your sound a pure kick of “more”!

Power Reduction

Turn down to 10% of the amp’s rated power. Perfect for practice, you can get all the tonal goodness from your HT MKII amplifier at a lower volume.

Professional USB/XLR recording outputs

Love recording but hate setting up mics? Or want to record at home without hiring a studio? No problem, the HT MKII series amps feature convincing-sounding recording outputs to let you record direct into your computer or interface. Enjoy the HT MKII’s valve tones without compromise.

Newly designed in-house studio quality reverb

A natural-sounding digital reverb lets you spice up your tone when you just want some vibe. Use the switch on the rear panel to select between ‘dark’ and ‘light’, if you want a more subtle or brighter spring-style verb respectively.

Want to hear the new HT amps in action? Check out this official product demo from Blackstar!

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