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Best Multi Effects Pedals Under £200

A multi effects pedal provides a wealth of inspiring sounds for the sonically-adventurous guitar player — all from one package! Shop what we believe are some of the best multi FX pedals under £200 below, and take your tones to new heights!

Best Multi Effects Pedals Under £200

Some guitarists plug straight into their guitar amps with nothing in between. However, this greatly limits what sounds they can achieve, which is why the majority of players use effects pedals to expand their tonal palette. You can buy different kinds of effects individually and connect them all together in a chain — or alternatively — you could get an all-encompassing multi effects pedal that’s crammed with a bunch of inspiring effects!

Multi FX pedals feature various overdrive, modulation, pitch-shifting, reverb and delay effects plus tonnes more — offering incredible versatility. They can also be fantastic value for money, and save you from buying several patch cables or a power supply if you went the “individual-pedals-on-a-pedalboard” route.

We’ve carefully-selected what we believe are some of the best multi effects pedals under £200 to help you find the perfect one for you. You’ll find products from top brands including Line 6, Zoom, Mooer and Valeton. So whether you're looking to buy your first multi effects unit, or you’re keen to expand your existing pedalboard setup with some extra sounds — we’re sure you'll find something great!