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Guitar Slides

Guitar slides come in many forms...Glass, brass, steel, chrome and wood, each with their own unique tonal characteristics. The humble guitar slide, often referred to as a bottleneck, is a simple, yet expressive tool that no guitarist should be without!

Guitar Slides

Slide playing is especially prevalent within the country and blues genres. Using the glissando effect opens up a whole new tonal avenue for your guitar playing. The material of your slide is an important factor to consider as it will determine the overall sound of the slide effect. Metal slides offer increased sustain and are far brighter than glass, which is warmer and provides rich, mid-range harmonics. Wooden slides, whilst not as common as glass and metal, produce a warm sound with less sustain due to their reduced mass.

Slides come in a variety of thicknesses and sizes too. Shorter variants can be put on the end of your finger (ensuring you can still bend your knuckle) whereas longer slides are designed to encase the whole finger.

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