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Electronic drum kits are quickly becoming the standard for aspiring drummers. Not only are they quiet, but they’re also compact enough for most homes and can be easily setup/dismantled.

However, a lot of experienced drummers are also making the switch. With technologies constantly improving, many modern electronic drum kits feel realistic to play and offer near-genuine drum tones.

In this guide, we’ve compiled some of the best electronic drum kits that are currently available on the market!

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Electronic drum kits have been around since the ‘80s, and their popularity has grown considerably. While earlier kits couldn’t provide very authentic sounds, today’s setups can deliver incredibly detailed and meticulously-captured real drum samples. Sometimes, you can’t even tell the difference!

With many electric drum kits boasting mesh heads too, these innovative pads are far more responsive to your playing dynamics and offer the stick bounce that you’d expect from acoustic heads. This means that even drummers accustomed to playing real kits can feel comfortable on their electronic counterparts.

For many young and contemporary players that live in built-up areas, owning a full acoustic drum kit isn’t feasible due to their volume and size. That’s why electronic drum kits are becoming such great alternatives, as they are quieter, space-friendly and far less cumbersome.

In this guide, we’ve suggested which particular electronic drum kits are best for certain levels of experience. Keeping budgets in mind, we’ve also recommended which electric kits are the best for under £500 and £1000. Let’s take a look!

There are loads of great electronic drum kits options available for beginners. With a number of respected brands designing affordable products, including Roland, Alesis and Tourtech, these kits mostly feature all of the essential components that you would expect from a full and functional drum setup.

Tourtech Electronic Drum Kits

If you’re looking for a great introduction to the world of drumming, Tourtech electronic drum kits are perfect. With 4 models available, these affordable electric drum kits represent incredible value-for-money - starting from as little as £199!

Sporting expressive pads, these accurately pick up the nuances in your playing to ensure that your beats sound dynamic and human. If you like to add some articulation to your patterns, these pads will respond to ghost notes and other embellishments very well. With the flagship Tourtech TT-22M kit also boasting realistic-feeling mesh heads, these provide you with the an acoustic-like playing experience.

But if you want everything that you need from the get-go, we also offer a number of Tourtech drum kit bundles that include multiple accessories to get you started! Coming with a pair of sticks, a drum throne and headphones, these all-encompassing Tourtech bundles make shopping a lot easier for you!

Tourtech Drum Kits on Andertons T.V.

The kits that we’ve selected above will be suitable for players that are keen to upgrade from their first electronic drum kit setup. They are also ideal for acoustic drummers looking to make the jump into the world of electronic kits, with the majority of these products featuring mesh heads for that ultra-realistic feel.

Roland TD-17 Electronic Drum Kits

Roland remains the industry leader when it comes to electronic drums kits. Thanks to their pioneering V-Drums technology, the company has been at the forefront of electronic drum design for over two decades, and they continue to refine their established formulas.

In 2018, the Roland’s V-Drums line expanded with the addition of the TD-17 range. Sporting a number of fresh, modern features, these kits are still within the reach of most player’s budgets. Featuring powerful and intuitive modules, these are crammed with a huge amount of drum samples, giving you the flexibility to find sounds that are appropriate for almost any style.

Featuring built-in ‘coaching modes’ to improve you practice routine, bluetooth connectivity for streaming music and an onboard EQ for refining your sounds, the TD-17 also lets you import your own samples and sounds - making it highly-customisable.

Roland TD-17 Drum Kits on Andertons T.V.

Alesis Strike Electronic Drum Kit

Alesis may be regarded as a ‘budget brand’, but their electronic drum kit offerings are incredibly versatile and well-made. With a diverse catalogue, they have kits available at most price-points, although their more expensive models possess features that make them worth the extra money.

The Strike 5-piece Kit has a hybrid-style design, with its mesh pads fitted on genuine multi-ply wood shells. Giving you the look and feel of a real kit, this setup may appeal strongly to traditionalists that like the idea of a quiet-sounding kit, but don’t want to abandon the classic acoustic aesthetic.

A huge sound library has been fitted within the Strike’s contemporary-looking module, providing you with 200 different kits. The accompanying Strike Editor software lets you get really deep with customisation, so if you’re someone that really loves to fine-tweak tones - you’ll get on with this!

2Box Electronic Drum Kits

Swedish company 2Box are a relatively new brand on the scene, manufacturing a colourful range of electronic drum products. They specialise in creating user-friendly alternatives to some of the big names in the electronic drum category, with a range of accessories and innovate designs that aim to break the mould.

They’re best known for their Drumit range of competitively-priced modules and kits; the Drumit Five is a cutting-edge module, boasting large on-board flash memory and highly-intuitive interface for maximum practicality. The Speedlite offers a unique playability and responsiveness that makes it a serious competitor for some of the big names in the industry. Familiar feel and expansive compatibility with other manufacturer's gear ensures that the Speedlite can be both a brilliant first electronic kit or an upgrade from your previous setup.

2-Box Electronic Drum Kits on Andertons T.V.

While purists may still turn their noses up at the thought of electronic drum kits, there are many professional drummers that see their perks; using them for practicing, performing and even recording! Entering high-end territory, our picks include fully-fledged setups that feature mesh heads and even extra tom and cymbal pads for more technical players.

With the likes of Roland, Alesis, Yamaha and Pearl manufacturing pro-grade electronic drum kits, there’s an excellent level of choice. Even the most fastidious of drummers are bound to find something suitable to meet their needs!

Roland TD-50 Electronic Drum Kits

The TD-50KV is the flagship kit from Roland’s V-Drums line. Made to the greatest attention to detail, this impressive kit boasts three tom heads and a deep 14” digital snare, meaning that you have the width and depth of an acoustic shell.

Also featuring the KD-140 kick drum, the responsiveness and feel of this kit is incredibly genuine, especially with Roland’s ‘Multi-Element Sensor System’ and 3-layer mesh heads, for a detailed sound and a natural stick rebound. Coming with expressive cymbal pads too, all elements of this kit are built around the ultra-sturdy TD-50 drum rack, ensuring brilliant stability.

The most significant part of the TD-50, however, is its powerful module. Using Roland’s ‘Prismatic Sound Modelling’ technology, any playing subtleties will be heard in stunning detail. Filled with a raft of different drum kit presets and sounds, you can also load-in your own samples for personalised tones, with the ability to send up to 10 channels of audio to a DAW for direct recording - all via USB!

Roland TD-50 on Andertons T.V.

Pearl e/MERGE Electronic Drum Kits

Pearl recently entered the competitive world of electronic drum kits, with its innovative e/MERGE range. Designed in collaboration with Korg, the e/MERGE kits are available in traditional and hybrid configurations, with the latter coming with a real acoustic kick drum fitted with a trigger.

Featuring Pearl’s dynamic 'PUREtouch' mesh pads, these feature 6 sensor layers that’ll react beautifully to any nuances in your playing - and even the types of sticks that you’re using! Boasting Korg’s pioneering ‘Wave Trigger Technology’ too, this further enhances the realism of this kit and sends the audio signal with near-zero latency.

Pearl e/MERGE on Andertons T.V.

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