Best Electric Guitars Under £200!

Are you in the market for a new electric guitar? Perhaps it's your first, or maybe you're looking to upgrade - don't fret, we've got you covered!

For this handy guide, our resident electrics experts kindly picked out their favourite guitars under £200 - read on for the full lowdown!

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Cian Hodge


Choosing a new guitar can be a lengthy process - we've all been there. Hours of research, so many options to choose from, the investment to consider; the list goes on.

Here at Andertons Music Co, we want to instead make this process an easy & enjoyable one! We caught up with the electric guitars department to get their top 5 recommendations for electrics under £200. Let's see what they picked...

1. Epiphone Les Paul SL

Epiphone are the offshoot brand of the famous Gibson guitars and are known for their more affordable models. The instantly recognisable Les Paul shape is ingrained into rock and roll history as one of the ultimate guitars ever created. The SL is packing great hardware such as Grover tuners and ceramic single coil pickups and is the cheapest of our picks.

Best for: Blues, indie and rock on a budget. The thin neck is great for small hands.

2. Ibanez GRG140

Japanese company Ibanez make guitars for some of the best shredders in the world. The super-strat shape is their most recognisable, edgy design for hard rock and metal. This GRG140 has a hot-sounding humbucker in the bridge position, punchy single coils in the neck and middle for a great range of sounds and 24 jumbo frets for big squealing solos.

Best for: Heavy rock tones. A striking look and sound to impress on stage in an affordable package.

3. Squier Affinity Tele

Fender’s lower-priced brand Squier make entry level guitars, but that doesn’t mean there’s any dip in quality. The classic Telecaster design is a vintage favourite for blues, rock and indie players. Get a real twangy sound through the Affinity Tele’s vintage-style single coil pickups and an authentic 60’s playing experience with its C-shaped Maple neck.

Best for: Jangly clean sounds harking back to the 60’s all the way up to modern rock.

5. Squier Affinity Strat HSS

Squier also make the iconic Stratocaster in the affordable Affinity series, with its smooth pronged double-cutaway. The Strat has been played over every genre of music over the decades, thanks to its great versatility and classic design. The tremolo bridge with whammy bar means you can pull off big divebombs like Jimi Hendrix or little flutters like Steve Vai.

Best for: Any type or style of music. If you love playing all different types of songs, this is the guitar for you.

5. EastCoast GS500 Bundle

EastCoast make beginner guitars and basses to excellent standards, specs and of quality woods. Built in Eastern Asia, they add loads of cool features and designs to make it as easy to play for you as possible, whilst keeping build costs down. This bundle includes everything you need to play out the box, like an amp, picks, lead and gig bag - which nothing else on the list offers. 

Best for: Screaming solos, heavy rock and chugging riffs. This super strat is built for shredding.

Want to know more?

If you'd like to know more about this article or the guitars that we chose, please don't hesitate to get in touch - we've got a full-time team of friendly, knowledgeable gear nerds who can answer any query you may have! 

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