Best Electric Guitars Under £200

Are you in the market for a new electric guitar? Whether you're looking for your first instrument or are keen to upgrade from your existing guitar - don't fret, as we've got you covered!

For this handy guide, our resident electric guitar experts kindly picked out their favourite axes under £200. Read on for the full lowdown!

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Elliot Stent

Choosing a new guitar can be a lengthy process; we've all been there. Hours of research, so many options to choose from, the investment to consider - there are many things to think about.

Here at Andertons Music Co, we want to make this process as easy and enjoyable as possible so that you can spend more time playing and less time mulling over the decision. We caught up with our Guitar Department to get their top 5 recommendations for electrics under £200. Let's see what they chose...

Please Note: Some guitars displayed in this guide may exceed the £200 mark.

The Squier Bullet series is regarded as the industry standard beginner guitar range. A starting point for many aspiring players, this best-selling instrument lineup features a number of affordable guitars that are based on some of Fender’s most legendary designs. Priced between £110 - £150, these models combine incredible value with solid craftsmanship.

There is some variety in the Squier Bullet series, but the range is mostly comprised of Stratocasters. Considered as versatile all-rounders with their trios of single-coil pickups, Strats can be used for anything from rock to funk. In other words, they are perfect for players who are keen to learn a bit of everything!

Strats aside, the Squier Bullet series encompasses a couple of additional models that are slightly more niche in sound. The iconic Telecaster is one such guitar, which comes equipped with a dual-dose of single-coil pickups. Able to project bright and spanky tones, Telecasters are well-suited for country or indie styles. The Squier Bullet Mustang is a completely different affair, and is aimed at heavy rock fans with its powerful humbucker pairing that can handle thick distortion.

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We believe that Encore produces some of the best budget instruments around. Manufactured in the Far East, Encore guitars are built using solid woods and feature reliable electronics. An Encore guitar or bass is simply a great choice for any aspiring musician!

These versatile value-for-money instruments are perfectly-designed for beginners, with their timeless looks and comfortable bodies/necks lending themselves well to the needs of new players. All electric guitars and basses come in a variety of cool colours too - so start your musical journey with an Encore today!

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The Ibanez guitar catalogue is overwhelmingly vast, as the brand aspires to cater for all players and budgets. Their huge instrument range starts with the entry-level GIO series, which is made up of a collection of inexpensive, no-frills guitars. Perfect for inspiring novices with their cool looks and simple features, it's no surprise why these remain best-sellers!

In this day and age, beginners have plenty of choice when it comes to finding their very first guitar. But as little as 15 years ago, the options were far more limited. Ibanez was fairly instrumental (pardon the pun) in diversifying the starter guitar market with its GIO series, featuring a number of distinctive and modern-looking guitar shapes.

Ibanez's flagship RG and S models can be found in the GIO series, with their sharp and sleek designs giving metal fans a more suitable aesthetic. Fitted with thinly-shaped GRX necks that enable fast playability, these guitars also come equipped with Ibanez's propriety 'Infinity' pickups that are versatile enough for a raft of different musical styles.

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Although Squier's Bullet series is their most accessible, the slightly pricier Affinity range is considered as their flagship instrument line. There is a small cost increase, but guitars from the Squier Affinity series are still budget-friendly and primarily aimed at beginners - typically starting from £180.

So, why are Squier Affinity guitars more expensive than those from the Bullet range? Simply put, they have some minor spec tweaks that bring them more in-line with the genuine Fender models that they are based on. Crafted with better tonewoods such as Alder, Squier Affinity guitars also boast higher quality electronics that guarantee a sweeter sound.

The Squier Affinity series encompasses several classic Fender shapes; predominantly Stratocasters and Telecasters. However, more unique models like the offset Jazzmaster and even the semi-hollow Startcaster can be found, giving you greater opportunity to discover a guitar that you'll really fall in love with. There are also some really cool colours in the Affinity series!

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The Jackson range is vast, and their JS series is made specifically for beginners looking for high-performance, modern metal-orientated guitars! Boasting sleek looks, Jackson's JS series models are made for aspiring shredders with their thin necks, shark fin inlays and potent-sounding pickups. Admittedly, some of these guitars exceed the £200 mark - but there are some great options that sit beneath that threshold!

Featuring light Poplar bodies, Jackson's JS series guitars can project bold lows and have a punchy mid-range character for fiery riffs. Jackson JS guitars boast deep, ergonomic cutaways near their bolt-on neck joints too; giving you unhindered access to their upper frets - even the 24th! Extreme body shapes are available too, including the Rhoads, Kelly and Warrior.

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Want To Learn More?

If you'd like to know more about the guitars featured in this guide, please don't hesitate to get in touch - we've got a full-time team of friendly, knowledgeable gear nerds who can answer any query you may have!

We'd assume that there's a chance you're looking for a guitar that's suitable for beginners. We've curated a selection of the best electric guitars for beginners to save you a little bit of time!

In the meantime, if you'd like to do a bit more research on electric guitars before you take the plunge, why not check out our Ultimate Guide to Electric Guitars?

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