Best Acoustic Guitars Under £500!

Are you in the market for a new acoustic guitar? Perhaps it's your first, or maybe you're looking to upgrade - don't fret, we've got you covered!

For this handy guide, our resident acoustic experts kindly picked out their favourite guitars under £500 - read on for the full lowdown!

Choosing the best mid-priced guitar

Choosing a new guitar can be a lengthy process - we've all been there. Hours of research, so many options to choose from, the investment to consider; the list goes on.

Here at Andertons Music Co, we want to instead make this process an easy & enjoyable one! We caught up with Ben & the team in the acoustic guitars department to get their top 5 recommendations for acoustics under £500. Let's see what they picked...

Sire acoustics are the perfect balance between quality and price. You get loads of bang for your buck, such as a choice between a standard classy acoustic and a preamp-equipped guitar to plug into an amp. You can also opt for either a full dreadnought body or a cutaway for access to upper frets. 

The American company originally made themselves known with their range of Marcus Miller basses. But they quickly jumped onto acoustics, where they provide incredible tonewoods, and advanced construction techniques all under the £500.

Alvarez create incredible looking acoustics spanning the beginner and midrange spectrum. Like Sire, there's plenty of choice depending on the genre and style you play. Take a dreadnought for your big sounding chords or a mid-sized grand auditorium acoustics for more delicate, pronounce finger picking.

You're not just restricted to the flat top acoustic too – branch out into more unique designs such as the contoured arm bevel acoustic, 8-string baritone, or feast your eyes on the ukulele line-up and great acoustic bass.

Eastcoast acoustics  are, in our opinion, are one of the best and most accessible options for someone looking to pick up their first guitar. So good, in fact, that they can easily rival the features of a £500 guitar. Not only are they super affordable, but they play extremely well for their price. Not all that long ago a beginner acoustic would feel plastic and cheap, constantly go out of tune, and not look all that great. Eastcoast have addressed all these issues and more.

Here's what pro teacher JustinGuitar says about Eastcoast: "Having played a lot of budget instruments in recent months, I can confidently say that the EastCoast guitars are by far the best bang for buck I've tried. They all had a 'low action' (which means the strings are easier to press down) which is perfect for beginners and means less finger pain and a lot more fun!"

The Masterworks range is where Alvarez step up the quality, the features and the overall feel of their acoustics. Inspired by Japanese luthiery, these are a selection of professional solid-wood instruments from the long-time trailblazers of the acoustic world.

Alvarez’s tagline for their Masterworks range is ‘Truly Eloquent Professional Guitars’. As with the rest of their diverse range, Alvarez are committed to offering stunning aesthetics, familiar playability and classy acoustic tones. Some models might creep over £500 but they're absolutely worth it.

Taylor are one of the biggest names in the acoustic business. They make world class instruments at every level, from beginner to pro. Their Academy range is a sleek and classy affair, boasting Taylor's renowned design, curated for exceptional sound quality. When you have a Taylor in your hands, you know for sure.

Academy guitars come equipped with Taylor’s patented slim-profile neck and high quality spruce wood tops for a combination of great tone and feel. The NuBone nut guarantees incredible tuning stability and string vibration through the body. All round, a tried and tested package.

Want to know more?

If you'd like to know more about this article or the guitars that we chose, please don't hesitate to get in touch - we've got a full-time team of friendly, knowledgeable gear nerds who can answer any query you may have! 

In the mean time, if you'd like to do a bit more research on acoustic guitars before you take the plunge, why not check out our Ultimate Guide to Acoustic Guitars?

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