Behringer Keyboard Synths

Unleash the power of analogue: Behringer offer an incredible range of synths, inspired by legendary models of the past with new, advanced, affordable designs and improved connectivity

Behringer Keyboard Synths

Since the ‘80s, Behringer has been a leader in pro audio equipment. They’ve recently delved into the world of synths too - becoming one of the strongest brands on the market. Behringer’s mission is to deliver top-notch synths that maintain a deep and captivating sound, but are also affordable and suitable for all levels of expertise. 

Whether you want to create fat leads, bass or lush chords and arps, you’ll find the perfect synth for your setup.

Get lost within the richness of the Poly D, influenced by the iconic Model D, with 4 voices and mono, unison and polyphonic mode - or experience the magic of a collector’s favourite, the Mono/Poly, now in an affordable and modern guise. 

For your basslines, you can’t miss one of our best sellers, the MS-101. It’s hard to find a synth with a single oscillator that sounds so big! 

Explore the Behringer range and find your next analogue companion!