Atomic Passive CLR FRFR Cabinet


Multi effects units are becoming more and popular for use live and in the studio. The amazing Kemper and Amplifire units as well as things like the Axe FX and even Line 6 systems like the Helix and POD HD500X all sound great at home or in the studio but live monitoring can be a pain. Yes you can run direct in to front of house but so many times you will just be unable to hear yourself.

The Atomic Passive CLR Cabinet solves all of the problems of using a multi effects unit by turning them in to a powerful on stage amplifier that will not colour your tone. No need to turn off your cab sims or carry around a big 4x12" for ultimate punch this cabinet performs amazingly on stage keeping your rig size down.

Passive Design

This version of the Atomic CLR is passive meaning you need a seprate power amp rated for 500w or under to use the 12" driver and 1" tweeter in a coaxial design. You will not believe how incredibly important that coaxial design is. Because a guitar amplifier uses normally just multiples of the same 10" or 12" speaker you never really have to worry much about the range or sweet spot of the speaker. The coaxial design means that i has an incredibly large range of motion where you get a superb sound. As long as you are in front of this cab you will hear everything in great detail.

True Transparency

A big goal with FRFR speakers is to get the clearest sound possible without colouring what goes through the input. You have set up your modelling rig how you like and you don't want your speakers to then change that when you are on stage. The reproduction out of these speakers is superb no matter if you are just playing some music from your phone or your multi effects unit this holds up.

Here's what Atomic say about the Passive CLR FRFR Wedge

If you are running one of today’s top guitar amp modelers / profilers, such as the Atomic Amplifire Pedal, keyboard player or are in the studio – the Atomic CLR FRFR (Full Range, Flat Response) reference monitor was designed from the very beginning to be the best monitor system to accurately recreate the tones you’re created with uncanny precision..

Use as your backline, stage monitors or even as your main PA, the 500 Watt bi-amplified speaker system will accurately reproduce your tones, and with a huge soundstage everyone will hear you with perfect detail and clarity.

Today's top guitar amp modelers and profilers; like the Amplifire, Fractal Audio Axe-Fx, Kemper Profiler, Line 6 HD Series and others can recreate the tones of the greatest amplifiers and effects of all time with uncanny precision. In order to get the most out of these for live use, they require highly accurate playback systems, or FRFR - Full Range Flat Response. The Atomic CLR sets the standard for Full Range Flat Response monitors and delivers the most lifelike and realistic tones possible.

The CLR is the only system in its market segment that delivers a true coaxial system that is also coincident - this is a key differentiator. The term "coincident" denotes a multi-way (two-way in this case) loudspeaker that functions as a single, well-behaved source of sound at all frequencies. The crossover transition is undetectable via listening OR measurement and its response at positions within the speaker's radiation pattern is essentially the same as the response on-axis. This type of behavior is not possible in other 2-way systems.

The CLR delivers an incredibly precise and flat on axis amplitude response from 70 Hz to 18 kHz (+/- 2.5dB) making it flatter than many highly regarded studio monitors. It also has a more accurate response from 40 Hz - 20 Hz than most systems in its range. Although many brands claim to offer flat response, the CLR delivers a higher level of accuracy, not "hyping" specific frequencies for effect.

The CLR's unusual but highly effective midrange horn design creates a well-controlled radiation pattern of 90 degrees vertical by 90 degrees horizontal. This control extends a full two octaves BELOW the crossover frequency. This consistency of pattern is impossible to achieve in designs that use a direct-radiating woofer with a high frequency horn. Because of its broad but well-controlled directivity, the CLR will sound as good in challenging acoustic environments - e.g., a pub with highly reflective surfaces, a cathedral, an armory - as it does in a well-damped showroom. This single property places it head and shoulders above every other competitive alternative.

The CLR crossover filter topology is designed to preserve the integrity of transient signals. This attribute, in concert with controlled directivity and flat amplitude response, results in vivid clarity and articulation under the widest possible range of acoustic conditions. Other systems - including many coaxial configurations - fail to deliver in this area.While the CLR Series was designed with full range guitar amplification in mind, these products are also ideal for a broad range of other musical instruments and applications, including acoustic guitar, guitar synth, keyboards, backing tracks vocals, or as part of a PA system.


  • Power: 500 Watt
  • Inputs:(1) ¼” / Speakon combo input jack, (1) ¼” / Speakon combo thru jack
  • Dimensions:  17 5/8 x 17 5/8 x 153 5/8
  • Drivers:  (1x) Custom 250w 1×12, (1x) 90w 1 HF Compression Drive Passive Crossover
  • Weight:  45lbs
  • Frequency Response:  70Hz-18kHz, +/- 2.5 dB 
  • Output:  Max Continuous SPL:   120 dB
  • Maximum Peak SPL:   130 dB 
  • Directivity:  90 degrees H x 90 degrees V, average from 650Hz and up 


This product is currently not available.

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